• Beautiful Leo

    We were not only looking forward to the yesterday’s show but also to meeting beautiful Sommarvindens Chasing Stars Leo ❤️ and his dear owner Emma ❤️ whom we haven’t met since one and a half year ago.

  • Happy news from Lund

    Today we went to yet another dog show. This time just 20 minutes from home – Lund. The show was professionally arraigned by Swedish Sighthound club and we proudly share following results:Salukis:Sommarvindens Star Of Milky Way Dottie came 2nd in Open class and ended up as Best Bitch 3Sommarvindens Wish Upon A Star Lo came 3rd in Open class and ended up as Best Bitch 4.Sommarvindens Chasing Stars Leo was shown by his dear owner Emma in Open class and was placed 4th.Italian Greyhound:Beverly Glitzerflitzer Heidi won Open class and ended up as Best Bitch 2 with R-CAC.Lo was perfectly…

  • The mothers

    Just a lovely moment captured the other day. Our two mothers, Oonah, the mother of our Star litter and little Heidi, the mother of our Elton John litter.

  • Happy news from Norway

    We are so glad to share that ❤ Nomi ❤ (Sommarvindens Star Light) did great at Lure Coursing this weekend as she managed to get three approved licence runs. ❤ We are so proud of both Nomi and her owner Janne. ❤ Good work girls! 👏😘

  • Happy news from Denmark

    Happy news from Danish Sighthound dog show in Roskilde (2021-09-04):Sommarvindens Star Of Milky Way Dottie won Open Class wish Exc. and CQ. ❤ She was shown by Saga. Sommarvindens Wish Upon A Star Lo ❤ got Exc. and was placed 3rd (of 5 bitches) in the same class. It was the first time for Lo and me to enter a ring together.Huge thank you to the judge Mette Mørkegaard, DK.