If everything goes according to our plans Oonah will be meet with Chili in February 2019 which means that puppies will hopefully be born in April. In that case they will be ready to move to their new homes in the middle of June 2019.

Heart examination:

Oonah – done in November 2018 – healthy heart!

Chili – done in October 2017 – healthy heart (time for the new hearth exam booked and it will be done prior to mating)

Neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis, NCL:

Chili –  tested N/N (free) so all puppies will be healthy in regards to NCL.

Oonah – test on the way even if it is not needed for this combination.

Welcome to contact us if you are interested in one of Oonah’s and Chili’s puppies.

SECH, DKCH Soheil Nour Chilion

C.I.B., SBIS, Euro Sighthound Winner 2018, SECH, DKCH, CPHW-17, STW-17, CPHJW-16 Amal Hayati Oonah Nadira Al Jameelah​