• Happy news from Norway

    Happy news from Norway! Today, at Norwegian Dobermann Club’s dog show in Maura, Sommarvindens Star Light won her last and qualified CAC and she become NUCH! Words can’t describe how grateful we are to his owner Janne for taking such a great care of Nomi and for all the great work they both did to get here today. We love you! Thank you also to the judges for appreciating our girl.

  • Welcome newborns!

    With joy and love in our hearts we warmly welcome 7 newborns to our Sommarvinden’s family. They are so lucky to have the best ever mother who forgets to think about herself the moment the first puppy gets born. One can’t wish for more devoted mother than what Oonah is. Please let me present the little ones in the order of appearance: No.1 Grizzle boy No.2 Black and tan boy No.3 Black and tan and white boy No.4 Grizzle girl No.5 Grizzle boy No.6 Fawn boy No.7 Grizzle girl Their pedigree names will come as soon as we find out…

  • Midsummer

    What a beautiful summer day we got! Now taking it easy with Oonah, who only have 6 days left of her pregnancy, and the rest of the pack while the rest of the human family is out celebrating midsummer.

  • Glad midsommar /Happy midsummer

    Vi på kennel Sommarvindens önskar alla våra vänner, valpköpare och familj en glad midsommar! We at kennel Sommarvinden wish all our friends, puppy buyers and family a happy midsummer!

  • Happy news from Germany

    We are very proud to share with you that Carsten and Marion did a fantastic job with Sommarvindens Twinkling Star *Sari*. Sari was the 3rd most winning saluki bitch in Germany last year. The list was presented in the DWZRV-Magazine issue of this month. Huge congratulations Carsten and Marion!

  • 12 days until the planned birth date

    While the little ones are growing and rocking in Oonah’s belly we are counting days until the day of their birth. And mother to be herself is not showing any signs of stress or excitement like we are. She is just taking it very calmly and the only noticeable impact her growing belly has on her is that she does not run so much anymore. She prefers laying down in the grass and observing the surroundings. It is now possible to hear little ones’ heartbeats and I am thinking of borrowing a stethoscope from my oldest daughter that is studying…

  • Happy news from Denmark!

    Happy news from Denmark! Today at the Nordic dog show in Holbaek, Sommarvindens Star Of Milky Way *Dottie* won the Open class and ended up as BOB with NCAC and CAC. Dottie was beautifuly shown by Saga. Thank you to the judge Kresten Scheel, DK, for appreciating our girl.

  • Happy news from Norway!

    Happy news from Norway! Today, on Norwegian Sighthound club’s dog show in Gran Sommarvindens Star Light *Nomi* won Open class with big CAC. Nomi was beautifuly showed by her dear owner Janne. We are so proud of both Nomi and Janne! Huge thank you also to the judge Elisabet Janzon, SE.