• Grandkids on the way!!!!

    For different reasons we needed to put our own puppy plans on hold until next year but for you who love our dogs we can now share that towards end of this week there will be two litters born by Lo’s and Dottie’s sisters Gazelle in Romania and Nomi in Norway. We hope for healthy puppies with with pleasant temperaments that are going to be suitable for shows. See pictures for details.

  • No words needed… Or?…

    Yeah. It is not always easy to take photos of my dogs. Some are waaaay too good in hiding from my lense. Photo: David.

  • The Queen

    C.I.B., DK CH, SE CH, Euro Sighthound Winner 2018, Copenhagen Winner 2017, Split Winner 2017, Copenhagen Junior Winner 2016 Amal Hayati Oonah Nadira Al Jameelah *Oonah* Running in winter sun.

  • Happy birthday

    Oh boy how time flies! Our first litter turnes 14 years today! Huge congratulations Sulan and Milo! We hope you will stay with us for many years to come. Happy heavenly birthday also to Leo and Raffe you will never be forgotten!

  • That Lo!

    It takes many pictures to capture the really good one. With Lo it happens more often than with the rest of my dogs.

  • Happy news from Norway

    Today we received happy News from Norway. Nomi, NO CH, DK CH Sommarvindens Star Light, was LC saluki number one in 2023 in Norway!! Huge congratulations to her owners Janne and Frodde! We are so proud and grateful for everything you do with our little princess! https://www.saluki-norway.com/…/lure-coursing/arets-saluki

  • Happy birthday!

    11 years today! Huge happy birthday dear Manco, Islay och Disa! We wish you all the best and many more healthy and loving years with your dear owners.

  • Bianca in a lot of fluff

    Our only remaining Italian greyhound Bianca. We miss all our italians so much. I hope to get an little Bianca baby eventually. Bianca deservs someone to play with. It is not really working with all the big ones we have at home.