• A week from hell

    It was a week from hell. Yesterday we lost our sweetest, loving, beautiful Heidi. It happened way too early as she was only 5,5 years old and we thought that we had many, many more years to share together with her. As it is now, the only thing left is emptiness and endless sorrow. We hardly got any time to process the loss of Smilla and now this. Entire family is in shock. It all started with severe allergic reaction on Sunday evening, followed by an infection that she got antibiotics for on Wednesday just to awake with sepsis on…

  • Happy Birthday dear Heidi!

    Today we say HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY to our sweet Beverly Glitzerflitzer *Heidi*! We hope that she will stay with us for many years to come. She is our Houdini, the escape queen. It took us long time and setting up of a double fence around the garden to get her to stay within the garden.

  • Heat

    As you all know by now we are waiting for Oonah to start with her heat. So as soon as I see a drop of blood on the floor I get excited. Is it her? Are we there now? So when I saw the first drop of blood, two weeks ago, I already saw Oonah’s and Milan’s puppies being born. Unfortunately it was not her blood, it was Heidi’s. A couple of days went by and then new blood drops and my hopes woke up again just to disappear in a puff of smoke minutes later. It was not Oonah,…

  • Happy news from Lund

    Today we went to yet another dog show. This time just 20 minutes from home – Lund. The show was professionally arraigned by Swedish Sighthound club and we proudly share following results:Salukis:Sommarvindens Star Of Milky Way Dottie came 2nd in Open class and ended up as Best Bitch 3Sommarvindens Wish Upon A Star Lo came 3rd in Open class and ended up as Best Bitch 4.Sommarvindens Chasing Stars Leo was shown by his dear owner Emma in Open class and was placed 4th.Italian Greyhound:Beverly Glitzerflitzer Heidi won Open class and ended up as Best Bitch 2 with R-CAC.Lo was perfectly…

  • The mothers

    Just a lovely moment captured the other day. Our two mothers, Oonah, the mother of our Star litter and little Heidi, the mother of our Elton John litter.

  • Happy 1st birthday!

    Happy first birthday dear babies from our Elton John litter! 🥰❤️🎁💐💝You are special to me for several reasons of which the one is that your litter is the first that was born in my bed. 🥰 This as your mother is a very determined little lady who always gets what she wants. 😊I am convinced that you trained your families well so that you too are as spoiled as she is. ❤️I love you to the moon and back and I wish this day to be something extra for you! 🥰

  • Puppies are now 6 weeks old

    The little ones turned six weeks today. They are running, jumping and playing with everything and everyone they find. It is impossible to not laugh at every little thing they do. They are simply adorable and it will not be easy part from them when time for that comes.

  • The first time outdoors

    The big big world outside our home was a bit scary and it took some time for the little ones to relax. Now all three of them are sleeping and growling in their sleep.

  • Today’s puppy spam

    Things are happening very fast now. In just a few days puppies learned how to walk, sit and how to growl. They are exploring everything with their mouths and also trying to jump which so far resulted in 100% failure. Today we also built their new puppy pen. They are now spending their time in a much larger area.