• Happy birthday!

    Hip hip hooray! Huge Happy birthday to our Elton John litter who turns 3 years today!! Sommarvindens Your Song Sommarvindens Rocket Man Sommarvindens Tiny Dancer May you have a long and healthy life full of love for many more years to come! I hope your families spoiled you a bit extra today!

  • Sul!

    13 year old Sommarvindens Tiziano * Sulan *Loved and owned by Fredrik and his family. 

  • Huh!

    That moment when you realize that you will not get an relaxing evening but will spend hours trying to fix the mess your Italian greyhound left behind after playing with the things she absolutely was not allowed to play with. 

  • Happy Birthday dear Heidi!

    Today we say HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY to our sweet Beverly Glitzerflitzer *Heidi*! We hope that she will stay with us for many years to come. She is our Houdini, the escape queen. It took us long time and setting up of a double fence around the garden to get her to stay within the garden.

  • Milo!

    Sommarvindens Michelangelo, Milo, is one of Sulan’s brothers that lives with his loving family in Copenhagen. Just as all Italians he too loves to sleep in sunshine. On the pictures here below sleeping on his favourite places.

  • Sul!

    This boy, Sommarvindens Tiziano, is one of my absolute favourites. Everything about him is special. He is the firstborn puppy in our kennel. His mother was Anja, my first Italian greyhound. My shadow for many years that we unfortunately lost in 2020 when she was 14 years old. Sulan, as Tiziano is called, was pitch black when he was young and now his shiny black colour has been replaced with grey and white. He is 13 years now. Thank you Fredrik & family for loving and caring for Sulan.

  • Just an ordinary work day

    Lo and our three Italians in the small dog bed placed on the top of IKEA’s side table “Lack”. This table is placed just left from my work desk and we have one large dog bed under David’s and mine work desk and two more large dog beds on the short end. So no-one can say that they lack sleeping space… And the funny thing is that this bed is always either totally empty or crowded like this. It is never half full.

  • Happy 13th b-day!

    On this day, 13 years ago, our sweetest Anja gave birth to 4 beautiful black boys. She was a fantastic mother. Please join me in saying big happy 13th birthday our beautiful boys! Sommarvindens Tiziano *Sulan* Sommarvindens Leonardo *Leo* Sommarvindens Michelangelo *Milo* And Sommarvindens Raffaello *Raffe* who is now running together with his mother on the always green fields in heaven. You both are missed and will never be forgotten.

  • Whaaat??

    Why do you say that I am not allowed to sit on Lo? She apparently does not care at all!

  • Happy 2nd birthday!

    Our sweet puppies in Sir Elton John litter are turning two years old today! Happy birthday sweeties! We love you and hope that you got extra spoiled today! Huge thank you to their owners for taking perfect care of them!