• Happy birthday

    Oh boy how time flies! Our first litter turnes 14 years today! Huge congratulations Sulan and Milo! We hope you will stay with us for many years to come. Happy heavenly birthday also to Leo and Raffe you will never be forgotten!

  • Happy birthday!

    11 years today! Huge happy birthday dear Manco, Islay och Disa! We wish you all the best and many more healthy and loving years with your dear owners.

  • Bianca in a lot of fluff

    Our only remaining Italian greyhound Bianca. We miss all our italians so much. I hope to get an little Bianca baby eventually. Bianca deservs someone to play with. It is not really working with all the big ones we have at home.

  • A week from hell

    It was a week from hell. Yesterday we lost our sweetest, loving, beautiful Heidi. It happened way too early as she was only 5,5 years old and we thought that we had many, many more years to share together with her. As it is now, the only thing left is emptiness and endless sorrow. We hardly got any time to process the loss of Smilla and now this. Entire family is in shock. It all started with severe allergic reaction on Sunday evening, followed by an infection that she got antibiotics for on Wednesday just to awake with sepsis on…

  • Happy heavenly birthday!

    Happy heavenly birthday darling Smilla! Today you should have turned 13. I miss you so much every minute of every day and today I miss you even more! I wish I could hold you iN my arms just one more time.

  • Sad news

    Earlier today we got sad news that dear Sommarvindens Leonardo *Leo* passed away on 2nd November. Leo is from our first litter born on 21st January 2010. We are thinking of Leo’s dear owners and hope that he is now running free with his brother Raffe and mum Anja. You are dearly missed and never forgotten.

  • Heartbreaking news

    I am heartbroken! My sweet, dear, black beauty, Smilla, left us unexpectedly last weekend. I so hoped that we would have had more time to spend together but destiny wanted something else. Smilla is greatly missed and will never be forgotten! Run free little friend until we meet again! SECH Vindhauses Daniela 2010-11-23 – 2023-09-30

  • Happy news from Sweden!

    Happy news from Sweden! And such a special news as well. Today we say huge congratulations to lovely Sommarvindens Your Song *Bob* and his dear owner Johanna Westring who participated in their first ever agility competition (Blueberry class) last weekend! This they did with fantastic results: 2nd place! We are so proud and happy not just for the result itself but also for the great work you two are doing as it is the first time ever one of our babies participated in any agility competition. Love you!

  • Happy birthday!

    Hip hip hooray! Huge Happy birthday to our Elton John litter who turns 3 years today!! Sommarvindens Your Song Sommarvindens Rocket Man Sommarvindens Tiny Dancer May you have a long and healthy life full of love for many more years to come! I hope your families spoiled you a bit extra today!