• Happy news from Norway

    Today we received happy News from Norway. Nomi, NO CH, DK CH Sommarvindens Star Light, was LC saluki number one in 2023 in Norway!! Huge congratulations to her owners Janne and Frodde! We are so proud and grateful for everything you do with our little princess! https://www.saluki-norway.com/…/lure-coursing/arets-saluki

  • Track training

    Sommarvindens Silver Light *JumJum* and Sommarvindens Crème De La Crème *Mio* on the second track training of their lives. One can see how much they like it. And I simply love their owners who could not better. These brothers have fantastic life.

  • Happy news from Norway!

    Earlier today at the national LC competition in Trøgstad, NO CH, DK CH Sommarvindens Star Light *Nomi* despite the rain, came second with CAC! Huge congratulations to her dear owner Janne! We are so proud of you and Nomi!

  • Happy news from Norway!

    At the Int CACIL / Nat CAC coursing in Trøgstad earlier today, our dear DK CH, NO CH Sommarvindens Star Light came second in CACIL class with CAC and reserve CACIL. We are so proud of Nomi and her owner Janne! Huge congratulations!

  • Happy news from Skåne!


    Today at the International LC competition in Norra Åsum, Kristianstad Sommarvindens Chasing Stars *Leo* came on 2:nd place with CAC and R-CACIL. We are so proud of Leo and his owner Emma! Well done!

  • Two Star litter brothers are training racing

    We are so proud of Bailey (Sommarvindens Magic Star) and Kiian (Sommarvindens Stardust) who both started training racing with great interest in the “rabbit”. We are so looking forward to seeing them competing in the future. Here below video of Kiian runing on the grass racing course.