• Happy birthday dear 1st’s

    On this day, four years ago, our first saluki litter was born – Star litter! We are so proud of these babies and their owners. It has been an amazing time to see them grow up and become such a beautiful salukis. We wish Happy birthday to you all! No.1 Sommarvindens Star Of Scandinavia No.2 DE Junior CH VDH & DWZR, DE CH VDH & DWZR Sommarvindens Twinkling Star No.3 Sommarvindens Star Lord No.4 RO Junior CH, RO CH Sommarvindens Star Goddess No.5 SE CH, DK CH Sommarvindens Wish Upon A Star No.6 NO CH, DK CH Sommarvindens Star Light…

  • New show generation

    We have new show generation in making. Little Jazz, Sommarvindens Silver Arrow, was in her first show trainings last two Sundays together with her lovely owner Ann-Katrin! They are doing really well I would say. Well done!

  • Welcome to Sommarvindens family

    Warmly welcome to Sommarvindens family dear Inger! We wish you a fantastic future together with your little Pinot Noir (Sommarvindens Black Delight).

  • Welcome to Sommarvindens family

    Warmly welcome to Sommarvindens family dear H. family! We wish you a fantastic future together with your little Jazz (Sommarvindens Silver Arrow). We are very glad that you live close by.

  • Vet check done!

    Vet check done! Time to go home. The little ones were as relaxed at the vet clinic as they are on this picture taken just prior to us driving home. Or almost as relaxed. They were not sleeping when getting their first check and vaccines as well as the ID chip but they did behave very well.

  • Busy but oh so happy week!

    It has been four busy but oh so happy days with several exciting visits. We were supposed to get a visit also on Monday but due to Dottie and mespending almost six hours at the vet we missed that visit which made me reallysad. Tuesday we welcomed a lovely family that lives in the same village as we do. Theymet Oonah and our other dogs several times before but it was the first timethey met our puppies. They are interested in one of our little ones. Wednesday we welcomed dear Anette and Kerstin and our loving puppy familyfrom Norway that…

  • Midsummer

    What a beautiful summer day we got! Now taking it easy with Oonah, who only have 6 days left of her pregnancy, and the rest of the pack while the rest of the human family is out celebrating midsummer.

  • Saluki litter 2022 – journey start

    Today Milan’s and Oonah’s journey started when they met on a beautiful sunny meadow accompanied by humblebees searching for nectar and birds singing in the forest nearby. Their meeting was playful and calm and we could not have wished for a better start of their journey. You can follow Oonah’s pregnancy in this Pregnancy journal. And here is the link to the puppies pedigree.

  • Who turned the heat on? :)

    Finally, after long waiting, Oonah gave us the best ever Easter surprise by starting her heat today. We are all so looking forward to this litter to be. If things go well I believe she will be mated around 26th of April and give birth around 28th of June. This means that the puppies will be ready to move to their new families around 24th of August. If you are seriously interested in one of the puppies from this lovely combination, please send us an email via contact form or give us a call at +46 736 00 00 98.