• Midsummer

    What a beautiful summer day we got! Now taking it easy with Oonah, who only have 6 days left of her pregnancy, and the rest of the pack while the rest of the human family is out celebrating midsummer.

  • Saluki litter 2022 – journey start

    Today Milan’s and Oonah’s journey started when they met on a beautiful sunny meadow accompanied by humblebees searching for nectar and birds singing in the forest nearby. Their meeting was playful and calm and we could not have wished for a better start of their journey. You can follow Oonah’s pregnancy in this Pregnancy journal. And here is the link to the puppies pedigree.

  • Who turned the heat on? :)

    Finally, after long waiting, Oonah gave us the best ever Easter surprise by starting her heat today. We are all so looking forward to this litter to be. If things go well I believe she will be mated around 26th of April and give birth around 28th of June. This means that the puppies will be ready to move to their new families around 24th of August. If you are seriously interested in one of the puppies from this lovely combination, please send us an email via contact form or give us a call at +46 736 00 00 98.

  • Two more in heat

    Earlier today Lo got in heat and in the evening we noticed that even our youngest, Bianca, is in heat. Of entire pack now only Tesla and Oonah have not started. Tesla is not so precise in her heats as she is an azawakh and they often get in heat just once a year but I am so sad that Oonah is being several weeks late with her heat. Now we hope that the other two will drag her into heat so to say.

  • New saluki litter plans

    We are so excited to share with all of you our plans for the new saluki litter that we hope will happen late spring 2022. The mother will be our beutiful Oonah (C.I.B., DK CH, SE CH, ESH 2018, KBH W 2017, ST W 2017, CPH JW 2016 Amal Hayati Oonah Nadira Al Jameelah). We hope that she will get into heat in March. And the father to be is beautiful Milan (SE CH, DK CH Lags Latifha Laurian). Oonah is already health tested but we will do a new heart test as the old one is almost one year…

  • Happy b-day beautiful Star-litter!!

    On a beautiful sunny morning, exactly one year ago, my dearest Oonah gave birth to ten sparkling little stars. Six sisters and 4 brothers: No.1 Sommarvindens Star Of Scandinavia – Lady No.2 Sommarvindens Twinkling Star – Sari No.3 Sommarvindens Star Lord – Habibi No.4 Sommarvindens Star Goddess – Gazelle No.5 Sommarvindens Wish Upon A Star – Lo No.6 Sommarvindens Star Light – Nomi No.7 Sommarvindens Chasing Stars – Leo No.8 Sommarvindens Stardust – Kiian No.9 Sommarvindens Star Of Milky Way – Dottie No.10 Sommarvindens Magic Star – Bailey Happy 1st birthday dearest sweethearts! I hope that you will get a…

  • One more little star started shining

    At her first ever dog show, at Christmas Show in Letohallen in Norway today, little Sommarvindens Star Light, ✨ aka Nomi, ❤️ got BOB puppy. Huge congratulations to her owner Janne, you did great today! ❤️ Od srca hvala i sudiji Paulović Dušanu.

  • More wonderful show results for Sari

    Sommarvindens Twinkling Star, aka Sari, had her in-door show debute at the dog show in Kessel, 7-8 December. On Saturday she got Very Promising 1 and on Sunday she got Very Promising 1 and BOB. She was entered in Baby class both days. Huge thanks and congratulations to Marion and Carsten for doing a great job with sweet little Sari. We are so proud of you!