• Happy News from Germany!

    Happy news from Germany and the International Dog Show in Kassel where Sommarvindens Twinkling Star (Sari) got following results: Open class ex1, Res CAC, Res CACIB! Many thanks to the judge Thomas Münch for appreciating our girl and to Carsten, Marion and the family for loving our girl. We are so proud of you all!

  • Happy news from Denmark!

    Earlier today at Danish Sighthound club’s dog show in Strøby Sommarvindens girls did well: SE CH, DK CH Sommarvindens Star Of Milky Way *Dottie* was BB-1 and BOB! (19 salukis entered). Sommarvindens Wish Upon A Star *Lo* won open class (6 bitches entered) and ended up as BB-2! Lo is now also a brand new DANISH CHAMPION! Unfortunately we couldn’t stay until the finals. We are so grateful to the judge Edwina Joy Thomas, Australia, for appreciating our girls! Huge thanks also to our own Saga for beautiful handling, as always!

  • Happy news from Norway!

    At the Int CACIL / Nat CAC coursing in Trøgstad earlier today, our dear DK CH, NO CH Sommarvindens Star Light came second in CACIL class with CAC and reserve CACIL. We are so proud of Nomi and her owner Janne! Huge congratulations!

  • Happy news from Skåne!


    Today at the International LC competition in Norra Åsum, Kristianstad Sommarvindens Chasing Stars *Leo* came on 2:nd place with CAC and R-CACIL. We are so proud of Leo and his owner Emma! Well done!

  • Happy News from Denmark!

    Happy news from Danish Sighthound Club’s show in Roskilde held 3rd September 2022! Our Sommarvindens Star Of Milky Way *Dottie* was BOB (26 salukis entered). She also got the last CAC needed to complete the requirements for both Danish and Swedish championship! (To be confirmed). Huge thank you to the judge, Mark G. Cocozza, GB for liking our girl!

  • Happy news from Backamo!

    Happy news from Backamo, Ljungskile national dog show, held on 28th August, where our dear Leo (Sommarvindens Chasing Stars) was Best Male with CAC and also Best of Breed (18 salukis were entered). We are so very proud of him and his owner Emma. We would also like to thank the judge Åke Cronander for liking Leo and to Linda and Marie for beautiful handling, as always.

  • Happy news from Denmark!

    Oh boy, how proud we are of NO CH Sommarvindens Star Light *Nomi* who yesterday participated in Danish Kennel Club’s Nordic Dog Show in Horsens where she was BB-1 with CAC and Nordic-CAC and finally ended up as BOS. This means that she now also is a Danish show champion. Huge congratulations to her owner Janne for doing the fantastic work with Nomi. Huge thank you also to the judge Thomas M. Hehir for appreciating our girl.

  • More happy news from Romania!

    Today at the Semper Fidelis Prahova Dog Show in Romania RO JCH Sommarvindens Star Goddess “Gazelle” got Exc.1 with CAC and BOB. She was also placed as BOG-3 in the group finals. With this success Gazelle is now brand new Romanian champion! Huge congratulations to her dear owner Larisa, we are so proud of you and Gazelle! Huge thank you also to the judges who appreciated our little girl.

  • Happy news from Romania!

    Today at the at Semper Fidelis Prahova Double Dog Show in Romania Sommarvindens Star Goddess “Gazelle” got Exc.1 with CAC and BOB at the first show and Exc.1 with CAC and CACIB and BOB on the second show. We are so very proud of both beautiful Gazelle and her dear owner Larisa. Huge thank you to the judges for appreciating our girl.

  • Happy news from Norway

    Happy news from Norway! Today, at Norwegian Dobermann Club’s dog show in Maura, Sommarvindens Star Light won her last and qualified CAC and she become NUCH! Words can’t describe how grateful we are to his owner Janne for taking such a great care of Nomi and for all the great work they both did to get here today. We love you! Thank you also to the judges for appreciating our girl.