• Happy birthday Tesla!

    Time has come to say Happy 4th birthday our loving Tigidit Futura *Tesla*! There is no greater love than what an azawakh gives to his/hers family and I could not be more happy than what I am when you are by my side. ❤️

  • Tigidit Futura *Tesla*

    Tesla, our guardian angel. She is constantly guarding our home and garden and is really sharp but there is no dog that loves her family more. She is as kind towards us as an angel.

  • Psst. Did you know?

    We are so excited. In about one month we will get a new family member. And no it is not a puppy or an adult dog.

  • Tesla

    Tesla enjoying the beautiful early spring day.

  • Extra mum Tesla

    Saga is home with tonsillitis and Tesla knows that she is not well so she keep staying close to her like an extra mum. I love her for that! ❤️

  • Caring love

    Saga got sick with high fever and tonsillit so I took her home to me from her father. She was so tired that she fell a sleep at our couch. Our dogs felt that she was not feeling well and several of them laid down close to her to give her love and care. This is something I love the most with dogs. They are so caring and their love really is endless.