Sommarvindens Magic Star

Sommarvindens Magic Star

Name: Sommarvindens Magic Star

Date of birth: 28 May 2019 at 12:35 pm CET

Born as: No.10

Color: Creme with Irish marking and white on his paws and the top of his tail. 

Lives in: Denmark

Sixtin months – Beginning of October 2020

October 2020

Eleven months – Beginning of May 2020



Eight weeks – 23rd July 2019

Sommarvindens Magic Star-s

Sommarvindens Magic Star

Seven weeks – 16th July 2019

Sommarvindens Magic Star

Sommarvindens Magic Star

Six weeks – 8th July 2019


Five weeks & four days old – 6th July 2019


Three weeks & two days old – 20th June 2019

Oh boy how much is happening in the life of these small sparkling stars. In just a few days they went from learning how to walk to learning how to run. When awake they are all over the place.

And a lot will happen this weekend. We will rearrange in our living room so that they can get access to the entire area that we planned for them from the start.

However the highlight of the weekend will be their first visit to our garden. How will they react to all smells and the feeling of grass under their paws? I will try to document it all.



Two & half weeks old – 15th June 2019

In just a few days all puppies opened their eyes entirely. They are trying to play with each other and it is so fun to see them trying to jump on each other. They are also making real dog sounds now such as barking and growling. 

Puppy kit that will follow with each one of the little ones when they move from our home is growing almost as fast as the puppies are. Collars and leashes are on the way. Our food supplier puppy kit already arrived. Last Thursday, when I was buying food for Oonah, I couldn’t resist buying 10 toys of the same model but different colour (4 creme + 6 grey) to add to each one of the puppy kits. More will come. 


Two weeks old – 11th June 2019

So much has happened in just one week. Our little ones can take quite many steps before stumbling and falling now.

Their eyes are opening and soon the most beautiful thing in the world will happen: we will be able to see each other in the eyes for the very first time and the lifelong bond between us will be created.


One week old – 4 June 2019

Our babies are one week old now. We are lucky that Oonah has milk for them all and that she is taking such a great care of them. Each and one of the babies are gaining weight as they should and within a couple of days all of them will have doubled their birth weight. 


Three days old – 31 May 2019