• Happy 1st birthday!

    Happy first birthday dear babies from our Elton John litter! 🥰❤️🎁💐💝You are special to me for several reasons of which the one is that your litter is the first that was born in my bed. 🥰 This as your mother is a very determined little lady who always gets what she wants. 😊I am convinced that you trained your families well so that you too are as spoiled as she is. ❤️I love you to the moon and back and I wish this day to be something extra for you! 🥰

  • Work-vacation

    Who said that staying home during vacation is boring? Especially if you live in a house with a garden there is always work to be done. We are lucky to have little helpers that make our work much more fun to do.

  • Training

    Lo in action. Video from today’s training here below. Note: our dogs are our family members that live in our house with us and sleep in our beds. They are not being re-homed when they get old, they stay with us for as long as they live. We train racing for fun and only for as long as our dogs like it.

  • Happy news from Norway

    Great news from Norway! Sommarvindens Star Light ~Nomi~ ❤️ was shown by her dear owner at Norwegian kennel club’s international dog show in Trondheim today. She was placed as the BB-3 with Reserve CAC. Huge congratulations to her owner Janne 🥰⭐👍 and huge thanks to the judge Ms. Brodwall Brit Schøne for liking our girl. 🌼