• Today’s puppy spam

    Things are happening very fast now. In just a few days puppies learned how to walk, sit and how to growl. They are exploring everything with their mouths and also trying to jump which so far resulted in 100% failure. Today we also built their new puppy pen. They are now spending their time in a much larger area.

  • Little ones

    In these moments of deep sorrow after Anja, the only thing keeping me from breaking totally are these little ones. They are now 16 days old and are starting to open their eyes. Next time we post a pictures of them it will be with the presentation of their names.

  • One week old!

    One week has passed since these little cuties came to the world. Their mother is doing a fantastic job and keeping the milk bar open 24×7. You can see how much milk they are getting by their round shapes. (SECH Py’s Forelli x Beverly Glitzerflitzer) My heart melts each time I am close to them. No.1 – Male No.2 – Male No.3 – Female

  • Five days old

    The little ones are five days old now and today was the day they were supposed to be born on, but, as always, nature finds her ways to deceive us. Not that I mind. The routine has find it’s way into our whelping room now and puppies just sleep and eat while their mother is taking excellent care of them. She has milk enough to feed ten puppies so her three little ones reminds me of the whiskey barrel with their little round bellies.

  • The little ones are 2 days old now

    The first day of their life little ones were learning where they can find the milk bar. They got easily frustrated when they couldn’t find it fast enough. They made a lot of sounds and neither Heidi or me got much sleep these two past nights. But now they are finding their ways, they are getting enough of milk and they are mostly quite. Heidi is a fantastic mother and she is doing everything right. I am amazed by her skills. It is like wasn’t doing anything else in her life but taking care of the puppies. Her instincts are…

  • Welcome to the world little ones!

    Oh boy what a surprise Heidi had for us this morning!  It all started in the early morning with her being restless around 3 o’clock. And not many hours later all three of her babies were born. Join me in welcoming: No.1 – Grey male No.2 – Fawn male No.3 – Grey female Both the mother and the little ones are doing great and we don’t see any signs of them being premature even though Heidi whelped on day 58. This is simply what happens from time to time. Happy little family in the afternoon. From the left: grey male, fawn…