Sommarvindens Tiny Dancer

Born 2020-07-31

Sometimes things don’t go as planned. From the start we were not planning to keep any of the puppies from the Sir Elton John litter but little Bianca was so cute that we had difficulties parting with her. Her siblings moved to their new loving families at the age of eight and nine weeks respectively and almost each day new families contacted us about her but we could not say yes to anyone. As time went by we knew that we would need to make a final decision but before we managed to do it, she injured herself in a closing door.

Just like every IG puppy she was all over the house and less than one second of us not keeping our eyes on her resulted in an injured leg. She was rushed to the vet and x-rayed. The vet could not find any fractures but they warned us about the risk of her having injuries in growing zones of her leg. This is nothing that is visible on x-rays and as a puppy owner you need to be very observant to see if the injured part starts to grow wrongly.

Regardless of how it goes, she is staying with us. ​

Bianca’s leg healed completely.