• Training

    Lo in action. Video from today’s training here below. Note: our dogs are our family members that live in our house with us and sleep in our beds. They are not being re-homed when they get old, they stay with us for as long as they live. We train racing for fun and only for as long as our dogs like it.

  • New things happening

    Last year we all (dogs and humans) got very bored with sitting at home and not doing anything. We only went to two dog shows if I remember correctly. One in January in Sweden (before covid-19) and short after, all dog shows in Sweden got cancelled and there was not the one we could go to. I was lucky to find one in September, or was is October, in Denmark. That was it. Basically the entire year was spent at home mourning my father who left us in January that year and Anja who left us in August. As we…