Saluki puppies 2019

An fantastic journey just begun!

Welcome to join us on this exciting journey towards Chili’s and Oonah’s puppies. On this page we will log the happenings during Oonah’s pregnancy. It will be a mix of what is happening, our thoughts about it and facts about dogs’ pregnancy. We hope that you will like the reading. You can find more about the parents of this litter >>HERE<<

Heat start: 14th March 2019

Progesterone level: 24,39 nmol/l on 25th March

Mating: 24th, 25th and 27th March 2019

Estimated date of birth: 27th May 2019

Week 4 (14th – 20th April 2019)

2019-04-19 (3w+5d) Day 26 of 63

This beautiful sunny morning Oonah refused to take her breakfast. She hardly even sniffed at what was in her bowl. Poor girl is probably feeling nausea again. This is common for pregnant dogs around this time. In the evening she just took a couple of bites before she left the kitchen. For now she is easy to persuade to eat anyway. Everything I needed to do to get her to eat up her food in the evening was the same thing what I did a week ago, I added some yolk.

In the middle of next week we will reach the half way through the pregnancy. At that point we will replace Oonah’s ordinary food with a high protein food. Until then there is no need to change her food as she is eating premium dry food today. But as the puppies in her belly are growing a lot faster now and as she will be preparing for the lactation period her need for high protein food will increase dramatically. For this reason we will start to give her premium puppy food which contains a high level of proteins, vitamins and minerals.

By then we will also know for sure if she is pregnant or not. For me there is almost no doubt that she is pregnant but I want to be 100% sure of it before I contact you all and share the good news.

Happy Easter to all of you who are celebrating it.

2019-04-17 (3w+3d) Day 24 of 63

Day 24 of Oonah’s possible pregnancy and she is now behaving more like usual. She is running around in the garden like she used to do and she chase Tesla all over the place. This is OK as nausea should be present during week 3 and possibly week 5 and not in week 4. 

Still no discharge from vulva but I think it is too early for that. I read my notes from Anja’s two pregnancies and during both of them she got the discharge in the middle of week 5. For Oonah, week 5 starts on Sunday.

Are her nipples more pink now? Possibly. I would more say that they are slightly enlarged. What do you think when you see the below picture?

2019-04-14 (3w+0d) Day 21 of 63

Good morning world! It is Sunday today and we are a little bit lazy. Oonah was out in the garden, she got her breakfast when she came back in and after that she was standing in front of the bedroom’s door clearly showing that she wanted to go back to bed. Well as all our dogs she is spoiled so she got to do what she wanted. I don’t blame her this morning, we only have a few plus degrees Celsius so all of us wonders where did spring disappear?

The full 3 weeks have passed and we are now in week 4 of possible pregnancy. It is still impossible to see any changes on Oonah’s body that would clearly tell us that she is pregnant. One thing that could happen is that she could get a clear discharge from vulva. That usually comes during week 4-5 and would be a proof of her being pregnant.

As usual I will keep you posted on what is happening.  

Have a nice week to come.

Week 3 (7th – 13th April 2019)

2019-04-13 (2w+6d) Day 20 of 63

Is there any better way to start the weekend than with some cuddling in the bed? This morning Oonah was laying next to me and I stroked her belly and her back for about 20 minutes before we went up. I just love moments like these.

We are now in the 20th day of possible pregnancy. Yesterday and today Oonah burped after she got her breakfast. Today she did it so loudly that David came into the room and asked “Did Oonah just vomited?” She usually never burps and definitively not loudly so this could be a sign of her being pregnant.

The first third of pregnancy is almost done and we are entering the phase in which embryos grow very fast. In the day 20 embryo is 4 mm long and by the day 23 it will be 10 mm long. This period is also the most sensitive one as so much is developing during a short amount of time.

2019-04-11 (2w+4d) Day 18 of 63

I am guessing that you all are very curious about what is happening with Oonah so here comes an update.

Yesterday, on her 17th day of a possible pregnancy she behaved just a usual, to our disappointment. This morning she refused to eat her breakfast. She took it first after I mixed it with some yolk and until now (ca 16.00 CET) she has been a bit more lazy. These could be the first signs of her having nausea. She will get her dinner later this evening and if anything happens I will update this page before our bed time.

2019-04-09 (2w+2d) Day 16 of 63

Did you know that the studies have shown that the number of eggs that each ovary releases differs a lot? At the same time the number of embryos that embed along the each uterine horn is fairly equal. This means that embryos can migrate from one uterine horn to another. Isn’t that fascinating? The spacing of embryos along the each uterine horn is the result of ciliary action and muscular contractions.

Tomorrow it will be day 17 of Oonah’s pregnancy, if she is pregnant. It is then or on the 18th day that embedding of the embryos into uterine wall will occur.

2019-04-07 (2w+0d) Day 14 of 63

The third week of Oonah’s possible pregnancy has started and we are waiting for those famous signs of a dog pregnancy – vomiting and nausea. These usually come during day 17 and/or 18 which would in Oonah’s case be on Wednesday or Thursday. It is also important to remember that not all pregnant females vomit. Some just experience nausea which may be difficult for us to notice.

So until we have more information on this topic >>here<< is a link to the video of an running saluki. In this video you can find out what makes salukis so special when running fast.

One day your saluki puppy will grow up to be a perfect training companion regardless if you like to run or take a bicycle ride with him/her. But it is of the outmost importance to remember to take it easy with your puppy’s training before they are fully grown. The body of a large breed dog is growing up much slower than a small dog’s does. Too intensive training in young age of your dog may be harmful.

Week 2 (31st March – 6th April 2019)

2019-04-06 (1w+6d) Day 13 of 63

We are at the end of the second week and we are getting more nervous for each day that passes by. Soon things will start to happen (or not) and we will know for sure if Oonah is hiding any growing stars in her belly.

Today she run more than she did during the past two weeks. It was heart-warming to see her run like crazy again. I hope she will continue to do so. Picture below is taken today. She looks so calm and beautiful and I wonder if she too is thinking of what the future will bring.

2019-04-05 (1w+5d) Day 12 of 63

For some boring reason time goes very slowly these days. I think that I would get depressed if we at least didn’t have beautiful spring weather to enjoy every day. How often do you go outside, take a deep breath and enjoy the warmth of the sun rays on your skin or the pleasant smell of all fragrances in the air that gives a promise of many colours that soon will replace all brown, grey and black trees and bushes we have here. I try to do it as often as I only can.

I understand that it is not the above you are curious about but the Oonah and what is happening with her. Well still no news about if she is pregnant or not. But we are approaching the days that we will get the first real hint. During the third week, around day 17-18, embryos will imbed themselves into uterus and this may result in some nausea and vomiting. For this reason Oonah may also start to refuse her food. So I would say that if she vomit and/ or start to refuse to eat her food then we can be pretty sure that she is pregnant.

Below is the summary of some early signs of a pregnancy and if Oonah is showing them. 

2019-04-03 (1w+3d) Day 10 of 63

Week 2 of a dog’s pregnancy is a very boring period for us humans as not much is happening outside the uterus that can reveal if a female is pregnant or not. 

Maybe this one thing that actually happened yesterday is yet another early sign of Oonah’s pregnancy. What happed was that Oonah started to growl at Anja when she approached Oonah’s food bowl while Oonah was eating. This was the first time ever Oonah growled at anyone at a dinner time. She was always the one that gladly shared her food with the rest of the pack.

And again some words about what is actually happening in Oonah’s belly, if she really is pregnant:

Embryos are only approximately 8 cells big at the start of the second week. They slowly moved from close to the ovaries to uterine horns where they are now floating around in the uterine fluid while they continue cell division. They will be approximately 64 cells big at the end of this week.

2019-04-02 (1w+2d) Day 9 of 63

We woke up to a beautiful morning with not one cloud in the sky. Warming sunrays lightened the entire bedroom. Even our Italians wanted to get out in the garden.

Apparently this was the morning when Oonah decided to ignore any hormonal changes she may feel and chase Tesla instead. She even concluded her chase just as she always does – drinking the water from our little pond. Now she is back to her new “normal” state, just sitting and sunbathing.

And inside the house she is the calmest dog in the world, at least until Heidi makes her chase her and they both jump around on the furniture. 😊


2019-03-31 (1w+0d) Day 7 of 63

When will we know for sure that Oonah is pregnant?

I believe that if you ask Oonah herself she would say already now that she is pregnant. Since the matings she has been much calmer and does not run as crazy as she usually does. We are determined not to do anything to restrain her so she is free to run in our garden as much as she wants. However, for the most of the time she just stands or sits like on the picture watching Tesla and Heidi run around like two wild dogs. From time to time she jumps and run after one of them for a while but not as wild as she use to do. She also still likes to “dance” with Tesla. This is exactly the same behaviour as Anja had when she was expecting her puppies.

However, we should hold on to the facts so the scientific answer to above question would be:

Once fertilised eggs, embryos, start their journey very high up in the uterus, but towards the end of the first week they migrate down into the uterine horns. Here they float around within the uterine fluid. During the entire week two they will continue to float around and grow (cell division). This is where in time we are now.

It is first during the week three that embryos will start to embed into uterine lining. At that point in time female may vomit or refuse food. Her nipples may become more pink. These happenings would be the first objective signs of an pregnancy.

As of day 25 it is possible to detect the pregnancy with an ultrasound exam. We still haven’t decided if we will do it or not. Oonah is not that found of the visits to the vet and we don’t want to expose her to the stress a vet visit can give her. We hope to be sure about her state by then anyway.  

Week 1 (24th – 30th March 2019)

2019-03-29 (0w+5d) Day 5 of 63

And as promised here are our thoughts about the timing of the mating based on the following assumptions:

OVULATION: Based on the progesterone measurement result (24,39 nmol/l on 25/3) we assume that the ovulation occurred on 23rd – 24th March.

MATURING: We assume that each egg needs 2-4 days to mature*

EGG LIFETIME: We assume that each mature egg lives for about 2-4 days*

SEMEN LIFETIME: We assume that semen lives for at least 4-6 days inside the female*

With above assumptions and if we assume that there is nothing wrong with Oonah or with Chili’s semen we can say that there is a very good chance that Oonah will get puppies around 27th May.

*Based on the article of Prof. C. Linde Forsberg (canine reproduction expert)

2019-03-28 (0w+4d) Day 4 of 63

This morning I called the veterinarian that did Oonah’s progesterone test to ask for the brand of the progesterone analysing instrument. During these last days we learned that different brands of analysing instruments are showing different values for the same sample and that their reference lists don’t look the same even if they are using the same measuring unit. And as both of us adults in the family are analytical freaks that like statistics we wanted to compare Oonah’s result with the correct reference list. This will help us to find out if the matings were correctly timed.

Apparently the instrument that the vet was using was an Fuji. Thanks to Google we managed to find not only the Fuji reference list but also an article called “Evaluation of a new automated method for rapid measurement of blood progesterone concentration in bitches” that evaluates Fuji’s instrument that has been on the market since 2018 and as such is quite new. The summary of the evaluation is that Fuji instrument has the good correlation with the two “gold-standard” methods which are RIA and Immulite® and as such is an reliable in-house progesterone test. (Deep source review for this publication has not been done.)

Below is the reference list so you can make your own analysis of the timing for matings. We will give you our thoughts on it tomorrow.

2019-03-27 (0w+3d) Day 3 of 63

Wednesday came and Oonah and Chili met again. It was their third  and last mating. Time has come to keep our fingers crossed and wait for the first signs of pregnancy that may occur in week 3. 

2019-03-25 (0w+1d) Day 1 of 63

Earlier today we took Oonah to take a progesterone test as we understood that mating this early in the heat is not what the most salukis do. It is more common to have mating around day 18. 

The test showed that Oonah probably ovulated yesterday or today. As so yesterday was OK but the optimal day for mating would be tomorrow or the day after tomorrow according to the veterinarian who performed the test.

As we already agreed to meet today too we decided not to change our plans. This time both Chili and Oonah were in a hurry to do what we came there to do. Second mating was a fact.

We will let them rest tomorrow and let them meet again on Wednesday.

2019-03-24 (0w+0d) Day 0 of 63

Already at Friday 22nd March Oonah allowed our oldest Italian greyhound female Anja to jump on her. That was the fist indication that the right time for the mating was approaching. We decided to meet with Chili on Saturday 23rd. 

Nini (Chili’s owner) and we where in agreement that we want Chili’s and Oonah’s mating to be as natural as possible and if it would not work that way we would not try anything else.

We met on Saturday and we got a nice walk in the forest without anything else happening except two of them playing. 

Today we met again and this time both of them showed bigger interest in other activities than just playing so we got a calm and gentle first mating. It was a great work knowing they never did this before.