• WAITING PART 2: Possible colours of the little ones

    I know that it is not only me that is waiting for Oonah to get in heat, we are several that are waiting for that to happen. I don’t know what you are doing to get your time to go faster but for me there were some pleasant tasks I could do. One of them was to check which possible colours could Oonah’s and Chili’s puppies get. I will share my findings with you below, but first let me write a link to >>an article<< written by Caroline Coile that explains the basic genetics of saluki colours. It will help…

  • Heidi

    Time has come to enter our newest family member to her first show. After not being in the show rings at all for several months we are looking forward to this girl’s debute very much. See you in Malmö on 31st March!

  • Happy 9th birthday our first litter!

    Big congratulations Sulan, Raffe, Milo and Leo!!!! I hope that all of you will live in health and continue to be spoiled with love for many more years to come. Big thanks to all owners for all love and care you are giving our babies.  Below is my favourite photo of the little ones. With it I was trying to show how big they were by comparing them to the can of coca-cola. They are 20 days old on this picture.

  • WAITING PART 1: Waiting for the heat to start

    We all wait for something but I must admit that for me the hardest part is all waiting I have in my role as the breeder. It all starts with the decision for a specific litter. Usually the decision for the litter has been taken several months prior to the probable start of the heat which for me means that I will count days and weeks until that probable start of heat is finally here. During this time I am trying to fill my days with something else to think of why it is good to have a lot of…

  • A beautiful morning

    This morning when we woke up a white suprise waited for us in the garden. It made some of us happy. The youngest ones love to run in the snow and I simply love that there is so much light.