From time to time I get a question about how children-friendly salukis are. I can’t talk for the breed in general but I can tell you that Oonah is one of my girls (Saga’s) best friend. They simply love eachother. Where Saga goes Oonah follows. So even if Saluki is one very independent breed there is not a thing that Oonah would not do for Saga. So if we assume that Oonah is one typical saluki then we can say that they are children-friendly.

Resting at my parents’ home.
Cuddling at our place.
Waiting for a dinner.

Filming running dogs is not that easy

Each time our dogs meet other dogs and they all start running I get so taken by the moment that I forget to record their run. By the time I remember to start recording they usually stop running within seconds. This has been happening for years and it will probably continue to happen in the future too. This simply because I love watching my darlings have so much fun. However, this time, I managed to capture some 30 seconds of their second run. In the video Tesla, Oonah and Heidi are running with Lennox and Sidney. We have known these salukis for a long time.
For all of you that are waiting for Oonah to get in the heat I can just say that Lennox and Sidney did show some more interest “of that kind” for her today compared with what they showed when they met in the last week. I am so nervous about this that I don’t dare to interpret today’s happening.

Feeling grateful

I can’t stop feeling grateful for all of you nice people that are showing your interest in Oonah and Chili’s future puppies. All of you that I talked with and that are seriously interested in a puppy from us are so kind, engaged and offer perfect homes. That makes me feel blessed. Thank you very much for your interest and patience! I can’t be 100 % sure when Oonah will get in heat but I so hope that it will be very soon.

Colour test results

Today I received the analysis of Oonah’s sample in regards to the E-locus. Her colour is Eg/e at/ay, which is a bit unexpected as the Eg locus (grizzle) most probably comes from five generations back on her father’s side (red marked dogs in the picture below were grizzles).

How will this be reflected in the colour of Oonah’s and Chili’s puppies?

After talking with some people I now believe that Chili’s monther is not a grizzle but a red sable. This leaves me with not knowing anything at all about Chili’s colour code. As so the only thing I can be sure of is that the colour of the puppies could be creme and red and all shade of these. 

Dirty saluki is happy saluki

Not everything is about shows and fancy looking dogs. The most of the time Oonah is actually spending as a family dog doing what she loves the most. This happens to be running free and during the winter, here in south of Sweden, this also means getting dirty, getting very dirty. Lucky for her I am not as pedantic as my parents as she would never be alowed into their home looking like this.

UC Davis Veterinary genetics laboratory finally received the sample I sent them 8 days ago. Now it will only take 3-6 working days for them to analyse it. Can’t wait until I receive the results.

NCL Genetic free

The neuronal ceroid lipofuscinoses (NCL) is devastating inherited progressive neurodegenerative disease. The NCL is characterized by progressive cognitive and motor decline, vision loss, seizures, respiratory and swallowing impairment, and ultimately premature death. 

It is very rare in saluki and we are very happy that the test has been developed. 

Oonah has been tested and I received the test result today. Oonah is tested N/N Genetic free and she or her puppies will never get this disease.