• How calm is Oonah?

    Well inside the house Oonah is calm. Very calm. The view on the picture is what we usually see when she is resting. When she is sleeping she is sleeping and something huge must happen to wake her up. At least something huge according to her. Sometime it is enough to say “let’s go” and she jumps up in a second ready for a walk. On the other hand Tesla is completely opposite. The most of the time she is doing what she was made for – guarding the property against the intruders. She rests only when humans can take…

  • Having an azawakh

    Having an Azawakh is a lifestyle. You get a dog like no other. Once you gain their trust they will love you like no other dog does. But sometimes it can take longer time than you think before they give you their heart. To be exact, it took Tesla one year to accept my sister and her husband, my parents and my parents in law. I hope they feel that it was worth waiting for her love. 🙂