Greetings from No.10

No.10 practicing for the possible agility carrier. The tunnel and jumping will not be a problem, he greets his future owners.

Our little stars are now 4 weeks old

In what has felt just as one blink of the eyes our little ones became one week older. They are giving us all so much love and to me who is sleeping just outside their whelping box they are also giving at least a couple of sleepless hours each night.

But just one look from their puppy eyes makes me forget that it is in the middle of the night and each time they wake me up I need to force myself to stop playing with them and to try to get some sleep again. There really is no better endorphin source than a four weeks old puppies are.

I hope you will enjoy below pictures taken in our garden on their 4 weeks day (Tuesday 25th June).

First time outside their whelping box

Well, this was not really their first time outside the whelping box. They all have been carried out from there and cuddled with in our sofa. But this for sure was first time for them to get outside of the whelping box on their own.

First to dare to walk outside of it was No.2. No hesitation at all.

Second to come out was No.5. And after them all just followed.

No.5 was the first one who tried to come up into the bed.

But it was No.3 who managed to get into the bed first.

Also No.8 tried to get into the bed. But he never made it into it as he got interrupted by No.10 who wanted to play.

Peaceful moment

It is very tiring to play with humans when you are just 3,5 weeks old. Laying on her back is No.5 and it is No.7 on top of her.

270 claws to cut!

Today I decided that it was time to cut puppies’ claws. They were so long that some of them started to break and I couldn’t allow that to happen. As their claws are so small, just 1 mm or so to cut, some real precision work needed to be done. On top of that, little ones don’t stand still for a second while awake, so cuting claws was not something I looked forward to do. However, with a little help from my husband it all went well. After cutting all 180 puppy claws I proceeded with the adult ones. So in total I cut 270 claws today.

Some of the little ones this morning. (12 days old)