• Happy news from IDS in Roskilde, DK

    Happy news from Danish Kennel Club’s international dog show in Roskilde today! Sommarvindens Wish Upon A Star *Lo* won Open class and ended up as the BB-2 with CAC and R-CACIB. Huge thank you to the judge Nicklas Eriksson, SE (kennel Qirmizi) for liking Lo so much. Lo was beautifully shown by Aiste.

  • Happy News from NDS in Skara

    Today, at SKK’s National Dog Show in Skara, our Sommarvindens Chasing Stars *Leo* won Open class and ended up as Best Male 3 with CERT. We are so proud of him and his owner Emma! Huge thank you to Marie F. for excellent handling and to the judge Kitty Sjong for liking Leo.

  • Best company to work for

    Even if my dogs play a central role in my life not everything is about them. During the workdays I work for IKEA IT. This means that I spend all my work days in front of a computer screens. I am not complaining as I love my job and my colleagues but this is also why the last two days have been so empowering and special for me. Tuesday and Wednesday this week I got the oportunity to leave my laptop at home, to put our uniform on and to work in our store in Helsingborg. Each year we who…

  • Saluki litter 2022 – journey start

    Today Milan’s and Oonah’s journey started when they met on a beautiful sunny meadow accompanied by humblebees searching for nectar and birds singing in the forest nearby. Their meeting was playful and calm and we could not have wished for a better start of their journey. You can follow Oonah’s pregnancy in this Pregnancy journal. And here is the link to the puppies pedigree.

  • Exciting time

    Or maybe not. 🙂 When I go around and think of the best day for meeting the boy the only thing Oonah thinks of is relaxing…. But I do hope that we will have some happy news for you who are waiting before Friday.

  • Sisters

    Dottie and Lo, sisters we kept from our first saluki litter. They are always together and if one of them is not in the house, which happens when we deliberately take only one out for training for example, the other one is crying after her sister most of the time. They are sisters and very beautiful but still quite different in their look and how they move. I love them both equally as they remind me about the type diversity of saluki breed.

  • Milan

    As you could read in our previous post we have been on Malmö int. dog show last Sunday. Milan, planned father of our next litter, was also there. So was his father Luca and Milan’s grandfather Adam. Three generations of males in our comming litter’s pedigree. Luca became Best Male and BOB followed by Adam as BM-2 and Milan as BM-3. It was a pleasure to meet all three of them and to meet their lovely owners.

  • More happy news :)

    Oh my what Ester we got! Today at Swedish Kennel Club’s Int. Dog show in Malmö Sommarvindens Star Of Milky Way *Dottie* came first in Open class and became BB-1 with CAC and CACIB and was later placed as BOS. Dottie was handled by our own sweetest Saga. Her sister Sommarvindens Wish Upon A Star *Lo* came just behind her sister in Open Class and was later placed as BB-2 with R-CAC and R-CACIB. Lo was beautifully handled by dear Marie FrisĂ©n. Huge thank you to the judge Leni Finne for liking our girls.

  • Happy News from Denmark!

    Happy news from Danish Sighthound dog show in Strøby, DK where we went with Sommarvindens Wish Upon A Star *Lo* and Sommarvindens Star Of Milky Way *Dottie* for the first dog show of this year. I had huge expectations on Dottie but she was very tired, so intestead of her, it was Lo who managed to get BB-1 and BOS. Huge thank you to the judge, Mr. Martin Baskaran, ES. We also met this beautiful and very kind afghan junior that charmed both David and me a lot. And as if that wasn’t enough we also met a lovely Danish…

  • That moment…

    That moment when you run so fast and then stop in a second just to discover that your ear didn’t follow what you were doing…