• Happy birthday Tesla!

    Time has come to say Happy 4th birthday our loving Tigidit Futura *Tesla*! There is no greater love than what an azawakh gives to his/hers family and I could not be more happy than what I am when you are by my side. ❤️

  • Tigidit Futura *Tesla*

    Tesla, our guardian angel. She is constantly guarding our home and garden and is really sharp but there is no dog that loves her family more. She is as kind towards us as an angel.

  • Tesla

    Tesla enjoying the beautiful early spring day.

  • That favourite time of the day

    Sighthounds are made for running. And the best thing they know is to run and chase, or be chased. And there is nothing that makes me more happy than to see them run like this. We are lucky to live close to the nature and with two dog parks very near by so that we can let our babies run like this without worrying that they will find a rabbit or a dear to chase or that they will try to run over the road and get hit by a car.

  • Extra mum Tesla

    Saga is home with tonsillitis and Tesla knows that she is not well so she keep staying close to her like an extra mum. I love her for that! ❤️