• Bianca in a lot of fluff

    Our only remaining Italian greyhound Bianca. We miss all our italians so much. I hope to get an little Bianca baby eventually. Bianca deservs someone to play with. It is not really working with all the big ones we have at home.

  • Happy news from Sweden!

    Happy news from Sweden! And such a special news as well. Today we say huge congratulations to lovely Sommarvindens Your Song *Bob* and his dear owner Johanna Westring who participated in their first ever agility competition (Blueberry class) last weekend! This they did with fantastic results: 2nd place! We are so proud and happy not just for the result itself but also for the great work you two are doing as it is the first time ever one of our babies participated in any agility competition. Love you!

  • Happy birthday!

    Hip hip hooray! Huge Happy birthday to our Elton John litter who turns 3 years today!! Sommarvindens Your Song Sommarvindens Rocket Man Sommarvindens Tiny Dancer May you have a long and healthy life full of love for many more years to come! I hope your families spoiled you a bit extra today!

  • Whaaat??

    Why do you say that I am not allowed to sit on Lo? She apparently does not care at all!

  • Happy 2nd birthday!

    Our sweet puppies in Sir Elton John litter are turning two years old today! Happy birthday sweeties! We love you and hope that you got extra spoiled today! Huge thank you to their owners for taking perfect care of them!

  • Home office and its lovely (dis)advantages

    I love working from home! Whenever I feel cold I can use one of my dogs as a personal heater. This is Bianca. Usually she lays down in my lap but this time she pushed herself under my arm and behind my back where she fell in sleep. Behind to the left in the picture you can find Lo laying in her favourite bed and in front of her Bianca’s mother Heidi.

  • Happy 1st birthday!

    Happy first birthday dear babies from our Elton John litter! 🥰❤️🎁💐💝You are special to me for several reasons of which the one is that your litter is the first that was born in my bed. 🥰 This as your mother is a very determined little lady who always gets what she wants. 😊I am convinced that you trained your families well so that you too are as spoiled as she is. ❤️I love you to the moon and back and I wish this day to be something extra for you! 🥰

  • Waiting for her boy

    Every evening she is dancing in our bed irritating everyone else and if David is not coming to the bed at the same time as we she is waiting for him.

  • Dante

    We got some new pictures of little sweet Sommarvindens Rocket Man *Dante*