• Happy 13th b-day!

    On this day, 13 years ago, our sweetest Anja gave birth to 4 beautiful black boys. She was a fantastic mother. Please join me in saying big happy 13th birthday our beautiful boys! Sommarvindens Tiziano *Sulan* Sommarvindens Leonardo *Leo* Sommarvindens Michelangelo *Milo* And Sommarvindens Raffaello *Raffe* who is now running together with his mother on the always green fields in heaven. You both are missed and will never be forgotten.

  • Whaaat??

    Why do you say that I am not allowed to sit on Lo? She apparently does not care at all!

  • Happy 2nd birthday!

    Our sweet puppies in Sir Elton John litter are turning two years old today! Happy birthday sweeties! We love you and hope that you got extra spoiled today! Huge thank you to their owners for taking perfect care of them!

  • Our oldest

    A couple of days ago we had a visit from our oldest daughter Ida, here pictured together with her favourite, and our oldest pack member, Smilla. Ida is studying medicine at the University of Lund and we are very glad that she lives close to us so that we can meet quite often.

  • Home office and its lovely (dis)advantages

    I love working from home! Whenever I feel cold I can use one of my dogs as a personal heater. This is Bianca. Usually she lays down in my lap but this time she pushed herself under my arm and behind my back where she fell in sleep. Behind to the left in the picture you can find Lo laying in her favourite bed and in front of her Bianca’s mother Heidi.

  • What a beautiful day

    After a week full of meetings for both David and me, we could not resist the urge to get out and get some sunlight when we realized that we both had no meetings between 14.00 and 15.00. Sun was shining and you could feel the warmth coming from it just like it was a promise that the spring will be here soon and with it new adventures.

  • Happy birthday our Bs’

    Happy 9th birthday dear babies of Anja:Sommarvindens Baldassare Manco ūüíôSommarvindens Bianca Disa ‚̧ԳŹSommarvindens Bernardina Islay ‚̧ԳŹ

  • A bed full of love

    A bed full of love. Most of the day our babies sleep like this while we sit in our video meetings. But now time has come for us humans to be as relaxed as our doggies, at least over the weekend. Or, in another words: dear sofa, here I come.  Wish you all a fantastic weekend!

  • Happy 11th birthday Smilla!

    Today is a very special day! It is 11th birthday of our little queen SE CH Vindhauses Daniela *Smilla*! Happy birthday dearest girl, I hope you will stay with us for many many years to come. I love you!

  • Happy news from Lund

    Today we went to yet another dog show. This time just 20 minutes from home – Lund. The show was professionally arraigned by Swedish Sighthound club and we proudly share following results:Salukis:Sommarvindens Star Of Milky Way Dottie came 2nd in Open class and ended up as Best Bitch 3Sommarvindens Wish Upon A Star Lo came 3rd in Open class and ended up as Best Bitch 4.Sommarvindens Chasing Stars Leo was shown by his dear owner Emma in Open class and was placed 4th.Italian Greyhound:Beverly Glitzerflitzer Heidi won Open class and ended up as Best Bitch 2 with R-CAC.Lo was perfectly…