• Five days old

    The little ones are five days old now and today was the day they were supposed to be born on, but, as always, nature finds her ways to deceive us. Not that I mind. The routine has find it’s way into our whelping room now and puppies just sleep and eat while their mother is taking excellent care of them. She has milk enough to feed ten puppies so her three little ones reminds me of the whiskey barrel with their little round bellies.

  • The little ones are 2 days old now

    The first day of their life little ones were learning where they can find the milk bar. They got easily frustrated when they couldn’t find it fast enough. They made a lot of sounds and neither Heidi or me got much sleep these two past nights. But now they are finding their ways, they are getting enough of milk and they are mostly quite. Heidi is a fantastic mother and she is doing everything right. I am amazed by her skills. It is like wasn’t doing anything else in her life but taking care of the puppies. Her instincts are…

  • Welcome to the world little ones!

    Oh boy what a surprise Heidi had for us this morning!  It all started in the early morning with her being restless around 3 o’clock. And not many hours later all three of her babies were born. Join me in welcoming: No.1 – Grey male No.2 – Fawn male No.3 – Grey female Both the mother and the little ones are doing great and we don’t see any signs of them being premature even though Heidi whelped on day 58. This is simply what happens from time to time. Happy little family in the afternoon. From the left: grey male, fawn…

  • Crazy girl

    If you ever had an sighthound then you know in which weird positions they can sleep. In our pack, the prize for the weirdest position ever definitively goes to Heidi.

  • Happy birthday my one and only Anja

    Happy birthday my one and only Anja, Vindhauses Paola. No words can describe how much I love you. We have been through a lot during these years and I am so incredibly happy to still have you by my side. I hope you will stay with me for many more years to come.

  • Happy birthday little Heidi!

    Today we say big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our Heidi (Beverly Glitzeflitzer) as she is turning 2 years today!  Despite her young age she already has some fantastic show results: SBIS-3 intermediate, BOG-4, 3 x BOB. Thank you Christoph and Frank for this little crazy beauty. Huge happy birhtday also to all siblings and specially to Heidi’s brother Tim who also lives in Sweden with Camilla and this litter’s father Matti.

  • Living a dream

    Yes it is true, it really feels like that we are living in a dream. Yesterday we visited Danish Sighthound Club’s specialty in Köge. With us we had Sommarvindens Star Of Milky Way, aka Dottie, and Beverly Glitzerlitzer, aka Heidi. It was a first time ever for Dottie at the show. Only thing we ever did to practice was to go to one indoor show training. We deliberately chose this dog show as it is a cosy one with a lot of space and pleasant acoustics. So how did it go then? She was BOB Baby and she ended up…

  • Little Heidi does it again!

    Omg! 🤩 CAC, CACIB, BOB and *BOG-4* for Beverly Glitzerflitzer at IDS in Växjö!! Thank you soooo much judge Beare Berri! ❤️💛💜💙💚

  • BOB in Eslöv!

    Today at Swedish Kennel Club’s national dog show in Eslöv Beverly Glitzerflitzer, aka Heidi, came Best Bitch with CC and ended up as BOB. 😍🍾 Huge thanks to the judge Mr. Henrik Härling for appreciating our girl. 🙂 Huge congratulations also to Heidi’s beautiful brother Tim who was BOS. ❤️