• The mothers

    Just a lovely moment captured the other day. Our two mothers, Oonah, the mother of our Star litter and little Heidi, the mother of our Elton John litter.

  • Happy birthday my queen!

    Today is no ordinary day! Today, our queen, Oonah, C.I.B., SBIS, Euro Sighthound Winner 2018, SECH, DKCH, CPHW-17, Split W-17, CPHJW-16 Amal Hayati Oonah Nadira Al Jameelah is turning 6 years! 🎁🥳❤️ Happy birthday my love! ❤️ And many happy birthday wishes to all nine siblings too! ❤️🥳🎁 May you all stay with us for many years to come ❤️

  • Strong and healthy heart

    Today we took Oonah to the cardiologist Torkel Falk in Helsingborg to check her heart. We are pleased to say that her heart is strong and healthy and shows no signs of DCM or congenital heart failure.

  • A beautiful winter day

    Today was a fantastic winter day. This is how I actually remember winters from my childhood – snow everywhere and cold but sunny weather. I miss those winters.

  • That favourite time of the day

    Sighthounds are made for running. And the best thing they know is to run and chase, or be chased. And there is nothing that makes me more happy than to see them run like this. We are lucky to live close to the nature and with two dog parks very near by so that we can let our babies run like this without worrying that they will find a rabbit or a dear to chase or that they will try to run over the road and get hit by a car.

  • Happy b-day beautiful Star-litter!!

    On a beautiful sunny morning, exactly one year ago, my dearest Oonah gave birth to ten sparkling little stars. Six sisters and 4 brothers: No.1 Sommarvindens Star Of Scandinavia – Lady No.2 Sommarvindens Twinkling Star – Sari No.3 Sommarvindens Star Lord – Habibi No.4 Sommarvindens Star Goddess – Gazelle No.5 Sommarvindens Wish Upon A Star – Lo No.6 Sommarvindens Star Light – Nomi No.7 Sommarvindens Chasing Stars – Leo No.8 Sommarvindens Stardust – Kiian No.9 Sommarvindens Star Of Milky Way – Dottie No.10 Sommarvindens Magic Star – Bailey Happy 1st birthday dearest sweethearts! I hope that you will get a…

  • Happy birthday Oonah!

    The love of my life,my dear Oonah, is turning five years today. I am so incredibly happy for having her in my life and I hope that we will get many more years together. Big happy birthday also to the rest of Amal Hayati’s O litter! And thank you Sven for letting me be owned by this fantastic girl.