• The Queen

    C.I.B., DK CH, SE CH, Euro Sighthound Winner 2018, Copenhagen Winner 2017, Split Winner 2017, Copenhagen Junior Winner 2016 Amal Hayati Oonah Nadira Al Jameelah *Oonah* Running in winter sun.

  • Happy birthday dear 1st’s

    On this day, four years ago, our first saluki litter was born – Star litter! We are so proud of these babies and their owners. It has been an amazing time to see them grow up and become such a beautiful salukis. We wish Happy birthday to you all! No.1 Sommarvindens Star Of Scandinavia No.2 DE Junior CH VDH & DWZR, DE CH VDH & DWZR Sommarvindens Twinkling Star No.3 Sommarvindens Star Lord No.4 RO Junior CH, RO CH Sommarvindens Star Goddess No.5 SE CH, DK CH Sommarvindens Wish Upon A Star No.6 NO CH, DK CH Sommarvindens Star Light…

  • Happy birthday dear Oonah!!

    Today we say HUGE Happy birthday to this beautiful queen, my dreams do come true lady, * Oonah * (C.I.B., DK CH, SE CH, ESH 2018, KBH W 2017, ST W 2017, CPH JW 2016 Amal Hayati Oonah Nadira Al Jameelah) as she turns 8 years! I hope she will continue to walk by my side for many more years to come. Happy birthday also to all her siblings from Amal Hayati’s O litter! And once more thank you dear Sven Elen for letting Oonah become a loving member of our family. She means so much to all of us.…

  • Happy 7th birthday dearest Oonah!

    Today is no ordinary day, today is my soulmate Oonah’s 7th birthday! C.I.B., DK CH, SE CH, ESH 2018, KBH W 2017, ST W 2017, CPH JW 2016 Amal Hayati Oonah Nadira Al Jameelah No words can express how much I love this girl and how happy I am that I am hers! I hope that our journey will continue for many years to come. For you who don’t know how our journey started here is a short story of it: I first started to look for a saluki in spring 2015 but could not find what I was looking for…

  • Exciting time

    Or maybe not. 🙂 When I go around and think of the best day for meeting the boy the only thing Oonah thinks of is relaxing…. But I do hope that we will have some happy news for you who are waiting before Friday.

  • Who turned the heat on? :)

    Finally, after long waiting, Oonah gave us the best ever Easter surprise by starting her heat today. We are all so looking forward to this litter to be. If things go well I believe she will be mated around 26th of April and give birth around 28th of June. This means that the puppies will be ready to move to their new families around 24th of August. If you are seriously interested in one of the puppies from this lovely combination, please send us an email via contact form or give us a call at +46 736 00 00 98.

  • A dream

    Apparently I am so longing for this lady to get in heat that I am now dreaming of it…. We were visiting parents of a friend. In the real life, these people have the cleanest house I have ever seen. We were enjoying some coffee in the sun on their veranda when I for some reason wanted to find Oonah. I went inside the house and saw that she was sleeping on their white sofa. She woke up when I entered the room and came to me leaving a huge spot of blood on their expensive sofa. I got so…

  • Still waiting for that heat

    I am not really sure which is worse. Waiting for heat to start, waiting for the first signs of pregnancy or waiting for birth to start. There is only one thing that it sure and that is that there is a lot of waiting in the process of making a litter. Oonah is still not showing any signs of heat being there but she is very interested in leaving the trace after herself almost everywhere on our walks. This makes me hopeful as it usually is the first sign of the approaching heat.

  • New saluki litter plans

    We are so excited to share with all of you our plans for the new saluki litter that we hope will happen late spring 2022. The mother will be our beutiful Oonah (C.I.B., DK CH, SE CH, ESH 2018, KBH W 2017, ST W 2017, CPH JW 2016 Amal Hayati Oonah Nadira Al Jameelah). We hope that she will get into heat in March. And the father to be is beautiful Milan (SE CH, DK CH Lags Latifha Laurian). Oonah is already health tested but we will do a new heart test as the old one is almost one year…

  • What a beautiful day

    After a week full of meetings for both David and me, we could not resist the urge to get out and get some sunlight when we realized that we both had no meetings between 14.00 and 15.00. Sun was shining and you could feel the warmth coming from it just like it was a promise that the spring will be here soon and with it new adventures.