• Happy news from Denmark!

    Earlier today, at Danish KK’s international dog show in Rønne, Bornholm, SE CH, DK CH Sommarvindens Star Of Milky Way *Dottie* gained following results from champion class: Ex.1, CQ, BB1, CACIB BOS Hammershus Winner 2023 Huge thank you to the judge Mr. Darko Korošec, Slovenia, for appreciating our girl!

  • Happy News from Leksand!

    At Dalarnas KK’s Nordic dog show earlier today, Sommarvindens Black And Light Atlas gained following results: Junior class EX2, CQ and Best Male 3! This was Atlas first official show! Huge congratulations to his owner Mona! We are so happy and proud of you both! Thank you to the judge Birgitta Svarstad for appreciating our junior!

  • Happy News from Romania!

    At the AChM Bucharest 4 dog shows on- June 10-11 (2xCAC & 2xCACIB) our beautiful Sommarvindens Star Goddess became Ro GRAND Ch. with 2xCAC, 2xCACIB, 1xBOB & 1xBOG! Words can’t describe how happy and proud we are of sweet Gaz and her family. Huge thank you also to all judges for appreciating our girl.

  • Happy news from Skruvstad!

    On last Saturday, 27th May, at the Klarälven’s local kennel club’s Open DS in Skruvstad, Atlas (Sommarvindens Black And Light) was BOB and BOG 1.HUGE congratulations to his dear owner Mona Bergström! We are so proud of both you and Atlas!

  • Happy news from Forshaga!

    Earlier today at the open dog show organised by SK Solsta, our sweet Atlas (Sommarvindens Black And Light), was BOB and BOG-2. Huge congratulations to his owner Mona Bergström , we are so proud of you both!

  • Happy News from Sweden!

    Earlier today, at Nordskånska kennel club’s Nordic dog show in Hässleholm, DK CH Sommarvindens Wish Upon A Star *Lo* §made us very proud by gaining following results: Excellent 2 with CQ in Champion class and she ended up as BB-2 with CAC and R-Nordic CAC. ***She is now also a brand new Swedish show champion!*** Huge thank you to the judge Marie Thorpe, IE, for appreciating our girl! And last but not least, huge thank you for beautiful handling dear Emma Hedenskog!

  • Happy news from Belgium!!

    Earlier today at the 54th Flanders Dogshow – CACIB Gent young *FAY* Sommarvindens Grey Is The New Black gained following beautiful results: Junior Class – 1 EX BEST JUNIOR Crufts Qualified ….and shortlisted with the last 6 in a huge group of juniors. And last but not least… FAY has now fulfilled all conditions to become BELGIAN JUNIOR CHAMPION And this just at the age of nearly 10 months! Words can’t describe how proud we are of dear Sven and lovely Fay! Huge, huge congratulations!

  • Happy news from Germany!

    We are so happy and proud to share that Junior DE CH (VDH and DWZRV) Sommarvindens Twinkling Star *Sari* now has two new titels: DE CH VDH and DWZRV! Words can’t describe how proud we are of her owners Carsten and Marion with the family. Thank you so much for loving Sari so much!

  • Happy news from Norway!

    Earlier today at the national LC competition in Trøgstad, NO CH, DK CH Sommarvindens Star Light *Nomi* despite the rain, came second with CAC! Huge congratulations to her dear owner Janne! We are so proud of you and Nomi!

  • Happy News from Belgium!

    On the Maneblussers Cup 2023 – Junior and Veteran Dogshow Fay, Sommarvindens Grey Is The New Black, got some beautiful results: Junior Class 1 Ex / Best Junior BEST OF BREED And was shortlisted with final 5 for BIS Junior. Many thanks to the breed judge Liliane De Ridder, BE, for appreciating our girl and, as always, so proud of Fay and her fantastic owner/handler Sven!