• That favourite time of the day

    Sighthounds are made for running. And the best thing they know is to run and chase, or be chased. And there is nothing that makes me more happy than to see them run like this. We are lucky to live close to the nature and with two dog parks very near by so that we can let our babies run like this without worrying that they will find a rabbit or a dear to chase or that they will try to run over the road and get hit by a car.

  • One more champion!

    Omg! What a fantastic news we just got! Sommarvindens Stardust *Kiian* is now Swiss Junior champion. Huge congratulations to his owner Beate for the great work she is doing with young Kiian! We are so very proud of you!

  • Photo model

    Sommarvindens Stardust *Kiian’s* dear owner Beate is a very skilled photographer and I must say that I enjoy seeing all beautiful pictures she takes of him. Just see how fantastic these two are. If you would like to see more of them you can visit her instagram: @beate.magedin.

  • Twinkling Star is shining bright

    We are so grateful that we during these strange times can share with you more happy dog show results: At the CAC Eilenburg dog show in Germany our beautiful Sommarvindens Twinkling Star *Sari* won Junior class with V1 and CAC and also gained Junior BOB and with that the title “Landesjugendsieger Sachsen 2020” Great work Marion and Sari you rock! Thank you also to the judge for appreciating our little girl so much.

  • Will she stay or will she leave?

    The only puppy left from our Sir Elton John litter is little Sommarvindens Tiny Dancer or as we call her – Bianca. She is as cute and loving as her brothers and it is very difficult for us to decide if we will keep her or not. Just as every puppy does, she makes us laugh at all funny situations she finds herself in. And they are many. They are so many that it feels like she is not doing anything else but putting herself in the situations she needs to be rescued from or from which you need to…

  • New show result

    We received exciting news from Germany! On 3rd October 2020, at the dog show in Bermatingen, our little grizzle star *Kiian* Sommarvindens Stardust got:V1, Jugend CAC and also Jugend BOB!We are so proud of him and his owner and handler Beate Huge thank you to the judge M. Zlojutro, CRO, for liking our boy so much!