• Who turned the heat on? :)

    Finally, after long waiting, Oonah gave us the best ever Easter surprise by starting her heat today. We are all so looking forward to this litter to be. If things go well I believe she will be mated around 26th of April and give birth around 28th of June. This means that the puppies will be ready to move to their new families around 24th of August. If you are seriously interested in one of the puppies from this lovely combination, please send us an email via contact form or give us a call at +46 736 00 00 98.

  • War in Ukraine

    We would like to say that our family strongly condemns the war Putin started in Ukraine. War is NEVER OK and we are doing what we can to support the people of Ukraine by donations to the humanitarian organizations active in Ukraine. Let there be peace and love and not killing and occupation of an independent country.

  • What a beautiful day

    After a week full of meetings for both David and me, we could not resist the urge to get out and get some sunlight when we realized that we both had no meetings between 14.00 and 15.00. Sun was shining and you could feel the warmth coming from it just like it was a promise that the spring will be here soon and with it new adventures.

  • To all our friends

    We at kennel Sommarvinden would like to wish a lovely seasonal holidays to all our family and friends out there in the world.

  • The mothers

    Just a lovely moment captured the other day. Our two mothers, Oonah, the mother of our Star litter and little Heidi, the mother of our Elton John litter.

  • Happy birthday David

    Happy birthday David! We all love you very much! May you live a long and happy life with lots of love.

  • Psst. Did you know?

    We are so excited. In about one month we will get a new family member. And no it is not a puppy or an adult dog.