• Kiian – Sommarvindens Stardust

    Kiian’s both owners are photographers (as you probably already know) and I always get amazed by beautiful photographs of him. This one is taken by Beate. He looks so adult on it. He and his siblings will turn two years on 28th of May.

  • Oh Spring where are you? I miss you so!

    It was not the optimal day for one-to-one walk with the doggies today. It was raining almost entire day and the temperatur was not higher than 5 degrees Celsius. Where did the spring go…

  • Dirty saluki is happy saluki

    Gazelle is happy living with her loving family in Romania. Here pictured after running in the forest. Self stacked and showing how lovely she is developing.

  • Beautiful young lady

    Nomi has developed in a very beautiful young lady. 22 months old on this picture that is taken during the training today. Nomi is loved and spoiled by her family in Norway.

  • Beautiful Lady

    This little Lady is not so little anymore. She developed nicely into a beautiful young lady. She is loved and spoiled by her family in Denmark.

  • A beautiful winter day

    Today was a fantastic winter day. This is how I actually remember winters from my childhood – snow everywhere and cold but sunny weather. I miss those winters.

  • Walk in the winter sun

    After weeks with grey and rainy weather we finally got some sunshine and snow. Today both Dottie and Lo were not in the mood for pictures.

  • That favourite time of the day

    Sighthounds are made for running. And the best thing they know is to run and chase, or be chased. And there is nothing that makes me more happy than to see them run like this. We are lucky to live close to the nature and with two dog parks very near by so that we can let our babies run like this without worrying that they will find a rabbit or a dear to chase or that they will try to run over the road and get hit by a car.

  • One more champion!

    Omg! What a fantastic news we just got! Sommarvindens Stardust *Kiian* is now Swiss Junior champion. Huge congratulations to his owner Beate for the great work she is doing with young Kiian! We are so very proud of you!