• Kiian – Sommarvindens Stardust

    Kiian’s both owners are photographers (as you probably already know) and I always get amazed by beautiful photographs of him. This one is taken by Beate. He looks so adult on it. He and his siblings will turn two years on 28th of May.

  • Happy birthday David

    Happy birthday David! We all love you very much! May you live a long and happy life with lots of love.

  • Psst. Did you know?

    We are so excited. In about one month we will get a new family member. And no it is not a puppy or an adult dog.

  • Waiting for her boy

    Every evening she is dancing in our bed irritating everyone else and if David is not coming to the bed at the same time as we she is waiting for him.

  • Oh Spring where are you? I miss you so!

    It was not the optimal day for one-to-one walk with the doggies today. It was raining almost entire day and the temperatur was not higher than 5 degrees Celsius. Where did the spring go…

  • Who is hiding behind the name Sommarvindens?

    Our dogs are our family and also the ones without whom Sommarvindens kennel would not exist. But without our human family members’ support and help, the dogs, David and I would not manage to take care of any litters. Both David and I have full time office jobs so we take vacation when our litters are coming into the world. Once our litters get older and we get back to the work the rest of our family is there to support us by staying with and taking care of the little ones. From time to time even David’s parents support…

  • Happy Birthday

    Happy 3rd birthday dearest Heidi! We love you to the Moon and back! As a puppy she was the wildest Italian greyhound we ever met but after last summer she kind of grow up and is now the sweetest little lady one can wish for. The only wild thing she still keeps doing is trying to escape from our garden or any other place we visit. Her secret name must be Houdini.