Who is hiding behind the name Sommarvindens?

Our dogs are our family and also the ones without whom Sommarvindens kennel would not exist. But without our human family members’ support and help, the dogs, David and I would not manage to take care of any litters. Both David and I have full time office jobs so we take vacation when our litters are coming into the world. Once our litters get older and we get back to the work the rest of our family is there to support us by staying with and taking care of the little ones.

My loving husband David
Thank you mum for being there with and for us!
My dearest father who loved our dogs and who was always there for us. Sadly he passed away in January 2020.
Thank you Ida for being there with and for us!
Thank you Saga for being there with and for us!

From time to time even David’s parents support us by having some of our dogs at their place when we travel.