• Happy heavenly birthday!

    Happy heavenly birthday darling Smilla! Today you should have turned 13. I miss you so much every minute of every day and today I miss you even more! I wish I could hold you iN my arms just one more time.

  • Heartbreaking news

    I am heartbroken! My sweet, dear, black beauty, Smilla, left us unexpectedly last weekend. I so hoped that we would have had more time to spend together but destiny wanted something else. Smilla is greatly missed and will never be forgotten! Run free little friend until we meet again! SECH Vindhauses Daniela 2010-11-23 – 2023-09-30

  • Our oldest

    A couple of days ago we had a visit from our oldest daughter Ida, here pictured together with her favourite, and our oldest pack member, Smilla. Ida is studying medicine at the University of Lund and we are very glad that she lives close to us so that we can meet quite often.

  • Heat

    As you all know by now we are waiting for Oonah to start with her heat. So as soon as I see a drop of blood on the floor I get excited. Is it her? Are we there now? So when I saw the first drop of blood, two weeks ago, I already saw Oonah’s and Milan’s puppies being born. Unfortunately it was not her blood, it was Heidi’s. A couple of days went by and then new blood drops and my hopes woke up again just to disappear in a puff of smoke minutes later. It was not Oonah,…

  • Happy 11th birthday Smilla!

    Today is a very special day! It is 11th birthday of our little queen SE CH Vindhauses Daniela *Smilla*! Happy birthday dearest girl, I hope you will stay with us for many many years to come. I love you!

  • Living a dream

    Yes it is true, it really feels like that we are living in a dream. Yesterday we visited Danish Sighthound Club’s specialty in Köge. With us we had Sommarvindens Star Of Milky Way, aka Dottie, and Beverly Glitzerlitzer, aka Heidi. It was a first time ever for Dottie at the show. Only thing we ever did to practice was to go to one indoor show training. We deliberately chose this dog show as it is a cosy one with a lot of space and pleasant acoustics. So how did it go then? She was BOB Baby and she ended up…

  • Billebjer

    We started our Sunday with  a walk in the beautiful Billebjer. Tesla wanted to check the temperature of the water which turned to be too cold to swim in. Wild growing Pulsatilla vulgaris All babies together

  • Winter in Scania

    Finally we got some snow here in Scania too! From the smallest to the biggest: Smilla – SECH VIndhauses Daniela, Anja – Vindhauses Paola and CPH JW-16, CPH W-17, ST W-17, BIS winner, Amal Hayati Oonah Nadira Al Jameelah

  • Saga’s pictures

    Saga have an eye for this. I really like her pictures. She can capture the light but also different angles from which I would not even think taking a picture from.