As you all know by now we are waiting for Oonah to start with her heat. So as soon as I see a drop of blood on the floor I get excited. Is it her? Are we there now? So when I saw the first drop of blood, two weeks ago, I already saw Oonah’s and Milan’s puppies being born. Unfortunately it was not her blood, it was Heidi’s. A couple of days went by and then new blood drops and my hopes woke up again just to disappear in a puff of smoke minutes later. It was not Oonah, it was Smilla who started with her heat. And not so long after Smilla, Dottie started with her heat. Each time I think that it is Oonah and get disappointed.

And now, two weeks into their heat, all three are behaving as divas, craving for the attention from others and making them irritated when they don’t leave them alone. And for some reason they all three have endless with energy for these irritating activities.

So I am not sure how calm our weekend will be with all these divas in the house.

With that said, I hope you all will get a lovely weekend.

Dottie – big diva right now