Yet another little star started his show career with great results

Dear readers we would like to share some fantastic news from Swedish Saluki club’s inofficial show in Älvängen! Sommarvindens Chasing Stars, aka Leo, was BOB Baby and also BIS Baby! 😍🥰❤️ Huge congratulations to his owner Emma for the great work with little Leo! ❤️ We would also like to thank the judge, saluki specialist, Mr. Mario Cabral from Portugal for liking our little boy so much! ❤️

Little Manda and Leo also won Best child handler competition. Photo: Emma Hevelius
Photo: Elisabet Levenskog

Our little ones are now 4 months and 1 week old

First puppy from our Star litter has entered the show ring and boy didn’t she rock the ring!

Sommarvindens Twinkling Star, aka Sari, was entered in Baby class at National dog show in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. Words can’t describe how proud we are of her results. She did not only win BOB, she was also placed as Baby BIS-4! Sari is loved and owned by Carsten and Marion to whom I would like to congratulate hugely for this success! Huge thanks also to the judge Dr. Rita Bennemann for liking our little girl so much!

Today’s training goal accomplished

Today’s training goal accomplished: car ride ✔️ new environment ✔️. We visited a dog park close to our home today and the little ones got to travel by car for 2 times 5 minutes. They also experienced new environment they liked a lot.

Today’s moments

Little babies from star litter are now 11 weeks old. Above are pictures of the four of them (2 will move to their new homes in the middle of September and 2 stays with us). Enjoy!

Sometimes things don’t go according to the plan but as long as you follow your heart everything will be just fine

This little girl has a very special place in my heart. Her birth was a bit dramatic.

After the birth of No.8 at 09.15 am I thought that that was it. Oonah layed down and fell asleep with all eight puppies at her breasts. At 10.15 she started to get contractions again and at 11.15 still no puppy was born. At this time, when one contraction came, I could see the amniotic sac but as fast as it came it disappeared inside again. Contractions continued for 15 more minutes but no puppy at site. During one of the following contractions water sprayed out of Oonah but still no puppy.

After talking with our vet we decided to take in Oonah to see if the puppy was laying in the wrong position. At this time I seriously thought that next puppy would be stillborn. But by the time my father, all puppies, Oonah and me arrived to the vet (10 minutes from our home) this beautiful girl was crawling around behind Oonah in the boot of my car. No.9 was born approximately 11.45.

Words can’t describe what I felt the first moment I saw her. She just is very special to me. ❤️ At this video she is going on the leash for the second time in her life.