• Today’s moments

    Little babies from star litter are now 11 weeks old. Above are pictures of the four of them (2 will move to their new homes in the middle of September and 2 stays with us). Enjoy!

  • Sometimes things don’t go according to the plan but as long as you follow your heart everything will be just fine

    This little girl has a very special place in my heart. Her birth was a bit dramatic. After the birth of No.8 at 09.15 am I thought that that was it. Oonah layed down and fell asleep with all eight puppies at her breasts. At 10.15 she started to get contractions again and at 11.15 still no puppy was born. At this time, when one contraction came, I could see the amniotic sac but as fast as it came it disappeared inside again. Contractions continued for 15 more minutes but no puppy at site. During one of the following contractions…

  • That time when you wish your day was 48 hours long

    This period in the breeder’s life, when puppies are 5-8 weeks old, is the busiest period. Not only do we need to clean the puppy pen constantly, we also need to do a lot of “fika” with our future puppy owners and all other family and friends that would like to visit and cuddle with the little ones. Add to that that we still are trying to post pictures and posts so that all of you can read and see what is happening and we are left with almost no time for answering emails. I apologise for that.

  • Greetings from No.10

    No.10 practicing for the possible agility carrier. The tunnel and jumping will not be a problem, he greets his future owners.

  • Our little stars are now 4 weeks old

    In what has felt just as one blink of the eyes our little ones became one week older. They are giving us all so much love and to me who is sleeping just outside their whelping box they are also giving at least a couple of sleepless hours each night. But just one look from their puppy eyes makes me forget that it is in the middle of the night and each time they wake me up I need to force myself to stop playing with them and to try to get some sleep again. There really is no better…