Busy but oh so happy week!

It has been four busy but oh so happy days with several exciting visits.

We were supposed to get a visit also on Monday but due to Dottie and me
spending almost six hours at the vet we missed that visit which made me really

Tuesday we welcomed a lovely family that lives in the same village as we do. They
met Oonah and our other dogs several times before but it was the first time
they met our puppies. They are interested in one of our little ones.

Wednesday we welcomed dear Anette and Kerstin and our loving puppy family
from Norway that has Nomi. It was a lovely day full of saluki talk and it was
very emotional for me to meet Sari after not seeing her for two and half years.
She has grown into a beautiful young lady.

Thursday we met with a lovely lady that is also interested in a puppy from
this litter and her friend. Thank you Å. for the beautiful pictures of the puppies in this post.

Friday we got a visit from our puppy family from Germany that has Sari. We haven’t
met since they picked up little Sari three years ago. It was so very emotional
for me too meet them again. Even Sari has grown up in a beautiful young lady.

We would like to thank you all for taking your time to visit us.