• Happy 13th b-day!

    On this day, 13 years ago, our sweetest Anja gave birth to 4 beautiful black boys. She was a fantastic mother. Please join me in saying big happy 13th birthday our beautiful boys! Sommarvindens Tiziano *Sulan* Sommarvindens Leonardo *Leo* Sommarvindens Michelangelo *Milo* And Sommarvindens Raffaello *Raffe* who is now running together with his mother on the always green fields in heaven. You both are missed and will never be forgotten.

  • Heaven got another angel yesterday

    Yesterday morning heaven got another angel. The decision to let my darling Anja go was the hardest thing I ever did even though I know it was the right decision to make as she suddenly got sick the evening before. She passed away on our sofa with David and me by her side. My heart broke in a thousand pieces. Anja and I walked together for 14 years and to be honest I don’t know how I will be able to continue without her by my side. I hope that my loving father was there to welcome her and that…

  • Happy birthday my one and only Anja

    Happy birthday my one and only Anja, Vindhauses Paola. No words can describe how much I love you. We have been through a lot during these years and I am so incredibly happy to still have you by my side. I hope you will stay with me for many more years to come.

  • Caring love

    Saga got sick with high fever and tonsillit so I took her home to me from her father. She was so tired that she fell a sleep at our couch. Our dogs felt that she was not feeling well and several of them laid down close to her to give her love and care. This is something I love the most with dogs. They are so caring and their love really is endless.

  • Hip hip hooray for our beautiful Anja!

    Today, 16th May 2019, our first ever sighthound, the grand lady of the house, the mother of our two first litters, beautiful Anja, is celebrating her 13th birthday. The love she gives us and the love we feel for her could move the mountains. We hope that we will be able to spend together many more years to come as we can’t imagine our lives without her.

  • Happy 9th birthday our first litter!

    Big congratulations Sulan, Raffe, Milo and Leo!!!! I hope that all of you will live in health and continue to be spoiled with love for many more years to come. Big thanks to all owners for all love and care you are giving our babies.  Below is my favourite photo of the little ones. With it I was trying to show how big they were by comparing them to the can of coca-cola. They are 20 days old on this picture.

  • Billebjer

    We started our Sunday with  a walk in the beautiful Billebjer. Tesla wanted to check the temperature of the water which turned to be too cold to swim in. Wild growing Pulsatilla vulgaris All babies together

  • Winter in Scania

    Finally we got some snow here in Scania too! From the smallest to the biggest: Smilla – SECH VIndhauses Daniela, Anja – Vindhauses Paola and CPH JW-16, CPH W-17, ST W-17, BIS winner, Amal Hayati Oonah Nadira Al Jameelah