Heaven got another angel yesterday

Yesterday morning heaven got another angel. The decision to let my darling Anja go was the hardest thing I ever did even though I know it was the right decision to make as she suddenly got sick the evening before. She passed away on our sofa with David and me by her side. My heart broke in a thousand pieces. Anja and I walked together for 14 years and to be honest I don’t know how I will be able to continue without her by my side. I hope that my loving father was there to welcome her and that the two of them walk together with Žućo, Bobby, Tor, Palle and Ronja now.

One day I hope I will join them all.

RIP VINDHAUSES PAOLA aka ANJA ♡ 2006-05-16 ♰ 2020-08-13.

You will stay in my heart forever. I love you so.