• Happy 2nd birthday!

    Our sweet puppies in Sir Elton John litter are turning two years old today! Happy birthday sweeties! We love you and hope that you got extra spoiled today! Huge thank you to their owners for taking perfect care of them!

  • More happy news from Romania!

    Today at the Semper Fidelis Prahova Dog Show in Romania RO JCH Sommarvindens Star Goddess “Gazelle” got Exc.1 with CAC and BOB. She was also placed as BOG-3 in the group finals. With this success Gazelle is now brand new Romanian champion! Huge congratulations to her dear owner Larisa, we are so proud of you and Gazelle! Huge thank you also to the judges who appreciated our little girl.

  • Happy news from Romania!

    Today at the at Semper Fidelis Prahova Double Dog Show in Romania Sommarvindens Star Goddess “Gazelle” got Exc.1 with CAC and BOB at the first show and Exc.1 with CAC and CACIB and BOB on the second show. We are so very proud of both beautiful Gazelle and her dear owner Larisa. Huge thank you to the judges for appreciating our girl.

  • Geometry puppies

    These litter is challenging all statistics as their colours are not having the ratio of what statistics predicted. There should have been 50% crème sable/fawn puppies but we only got one of seven… But we can say that even if statistics don’t apply to this litter geometry definitively does apply especially when you check the below picture showing three of the little ones building a perfect puppy square. 🙂

  • Our oldest

    A couple of days ago we had a visit from our oldest daughter Ida, here pictured together with her favourite, and our oldest pack member, Smilla. Ida is studying medicine at the University of Lund and we are very glad that she lives close to us so that we can meet quite often.

  • More happy news from Norway!

    Nomi did it again! She won another BOB at the dog show in Maura today. We are so glad and happy for her success and would like to thank both the owners and the judge for today’s results.

  • Happy news from Norway

    Happy news from Norway! Today, at Norwegian Dobermann Club’s dog show in Maura, Sommarvindens Star Light won her last and qualified CAC and she become NUCH! Words can’t describe how grateful we are to his owner Janne for taking such a great care of Nomi and for all the great work they both did to get here today. We love you! Thank you also to the judges for appreciating our girl.

  • Welcome newborns!

    With joy and love in our hearts we warmly welcome 7 newborns to our Sommarvinden’s family. They are so lucky to have the best ever mother who forgets to think about herself the moment the first puppy gets born. One can’t wish for more devoted mother than what Oonah is. Please let me present the little ones in the order of appearance: No.1 Grizzle boy No.2 Black and tan boy No.3 Black and tan and white boy No.4 Grizzle girl No.5 Grizzle boy No.6 Fawn boy No.7 Grizzle girl Their pedigree names will come as soon as we find out…