Bye bye 2019

2019 is approaching its end and this is what I am going to remember of it.

It has definitively been a year full of happenings even though we didn’t visit any dog shows before fall.

We avoided all dog events in spring as we were expecting our first saluki litter. This was very difficult as we love showing our dogs but we could be happy for the success that our friends had in showrings.

And finally, after two years of planning, on 28th of May, our dearest Oonah gifted us with ten beautiful puppies (6 females and 4 males). Welcoming these puppies to the world was a very special moment for me.

But little puppies are just like children, they grow up way too fast and soon eight of them had moved to their new forever homes during the late summer/early fall. With that we welcomed eight fantastic families into our Sommarvindens family and I so hope that they will choose to continue to keep in touch and share what is happening with our little ones even in the future.

All of you who had at least one saluki litter know how much work it is and I would like to use this opportunity to also send my deepest thanks to those who supported me on this journey:
– my husband for being there for me and for accepting my crazy dog lady behaviour (if that is not love, then what is?)
– my parents for being there for me whenever needed
– my girls for loving me despite all dogs in the house
– my saluki friends who helped me get where I am – without you star litter would not have been possible.

Thank you all!

In September we started going to dog shows again showing just our youngest Italian greyhound female Heidi (Beverly Glitzerflitzer). She was almost 1,5 years old when she entered the ring for the very first time and she was showed by Saga who only showed Oonah before. Despite all that they managed to end up on 11th place on the Top winning IG females list in Sweden (based on only 3 shows). She has 2 BOB, 1 BOG-4 and 1 JBOB placement in Sweden. She also has 1 BOB and 1 Intermediate SBIS-3 placement.

Furthermore, four of Oonah’s puppies entered show rings during this year. All four with BIR placements, one Baby BIS winner, one Baby SBIS winner and one Baby SBIS-2 winner. For this we are very grateful to both owners, for doing a great job with their puppies, and to judges for liking our babies so much.

Of course 2019 didn’t just give us roses, there were several negative happenings which I am trying not to think of.

Now I am looking forward to a new year and to all the adventures that lay ahead hoping that the most of them will be positive and that I will get the opportunity to create loving memories with as many of you as possible.

I wish you all Happy and Prosperous New Year!