Saluki or afghan dog?

This post is for you who never had a saluki and are waiting for one now or who just want to learn more about the breed. Below you can see a picture of Oonah when she was around 6 months.

One interesting and at the same time funny thing was that at this point in her development she had so much puppy-fur that she was looking more like an afghan puppy than like a saluki puppy. This is how most feathered salukis look like at that age but it can be somewhat confusing for a first-time saluki owner. It for sure was confusing for me. I wondered if she would ever look as nice as her mother or her father do.

The most important thing to remember is that you should not try to remove this puppy-fur. It will fall off by itself, you just have to have patience.

Oonah 6 months old on the picture