Difficult decisions

Today people talk about corona-puppies, that selling puppies has never been easier. I would say that it is the opposite for us.

We are always thinking of finding the best families for our little ones and as so we usually welcome all interested families to visit us before we make any decisions. We are clear in our communication and we inform everyone that we are not going to make decisions before we meet everyone that we book a visit with.

So was the plan this time too. We booked visits with eight wonderful families and we were really looking forward to meeting them all. Unfortunately covid-19 put a stop to it.

What changed since we booked these visits as covid-19 was there already when we booked them?

The first thing that changed was that we realized the seriousness of the damages that covid-19 can make to one’s body. This happened when I talked with my colleague who’s daughter is a med. doctor that works with covid-19 patients at the one university hospital here in Sweden.  

The second thing was that we tested us to see if we maybe already had covid-19 and the results showed that none of us have antibodies against it.

And since before we knew that we have one family member that is in the risk group.

The decision we made today was not the easy one and it took us days to make it. But we so hope that it is the right decision.

We are sincerely sorry for these changes and we so hope that all of you who didn’t get a puppy from this litter will be able to find your puppy one day very soon.