Will she stay or will she leave?

The only puppy left from our Sir Elton John litter is little Sommarvindens Tiny Dancer or as we call her – Bianca. She is as cute and loving as her brothers and it is very difficult for us to decide if we will keep her or not.

Just as every puppy does, she makes us laugh at all funny situations she finds herself in. And they are many. They are so many that it feels like she is not doing anything else but putting herself in the situations she needs to be rescued from or from which you need to rescue yourself from.

But we have six dogs, four large and two small ones, and we live in a little house so we should preferably just keep the dogs we have and not increase our pack for at least five years or so. Luckily we are not in a hurry. We don’t need to make up our minds for at least a couple more weeks. But at the end we will need to decide.