Happy b-day beautiful Star-litter!!

On a beautiful sunny morning, exactly one year ago, my dearest Oonah gave birth to ten sparkling little stars. Six sisters and 4 brothers:

No.1 Sommarvindens Star Of Scandinavia – Lady

No.2 Sommarvindens Twinkling Star – Sari

No.3 Sommarvindens Star Lord – Habibi

No.4 Sommarvindens Star Goddess – Gazelle

No.5 Sommarvindens Wish Upon A Star – Lo

No.6 Sommarvindens Star Light – Nomi

No.7 Sommarvindens Chasing Stars – Leo

No.8 Sommarvindens Stardust – Kiian

No.9 Sommarvindens Star Of Milky Way – Dottie

No.10 Sommarvindens Magic Star – Bailey

Happy 1st birthday dearest sweethearts! I hope that you will get a fantastic birthday! Huge thanks to the owners for taking such a great care of our babies.