Oonah and Tesla are often meeting with Agnes’ beautiful males Sidney and Lennox. Below video is from their meeting on 28th February. You can see how happy they are running together.

Thinking of whom we should meet this weekend we talked with Nini yesterday evening and decided to meet with Chili and Cocos. It has been far too long time since the last time they met. We also wanted to remind Oonah that Chili is there. We also exchanged some sms with a pleasant family that lives close by in Genarp and that is interested in a puppy from Oonah and Chili. They too could come to Sjöbo dog park this morning to meet with us.

We decided to meet at 08.30 am. This meant that we needed to go up at 07.30 am to get to the dog park in time. At approximately 06.00 am I woke up filled with fear as I smelled smoke in our bedroom. None of the dogs reacted to the smell, they were all sleeping. I almost thought that I was dreaming. I got up and walked through entire house without finding any trace of smoke or fire. All dogs were still sleeping. Back in the bed I turned on my phone and checked the newspapers page. There was just a short notice of a fire in a building containing a small restaurant and a shop just 400 m from our place. It was updated during the day as the building slowly burned to the ground.

I tried to sleep but I couldn’t calm down. My thoughts were with the family owning both places and I so hope that they will manage it. I also always thought that our dogs would warn us if we were in any danger. They are guarding our home with their lives so why didn’t they even woke up this morning and barked? They were supposed to have better smell than we have. I came to the conclusion that they simply didn’t feel that we were in any danger this morning. They were right. I overreacted.

We arrived to the park at 08.30 sharp. Nini was already there with both beauties. Tesla and Oonah were so happy to meet with the boys that both of them whimpered at the entrance to the park.

Genarp-family came shortly after and we all had a nice time together. I had camera with me but, as usual, I was too occupied with talking and looking at the doggies that I forgot to take pictures. The handful of pictures I took were nothing I could use as they were taken in the rush.