Still no heat but is it close now?

7 months and 9 days since the last time Oonah was in heat. The time between the two last heats was 6 months and 10 days. Shouldn’t her next heat be close now I wonder?

She is showing many of the signs that it will come soon such as, peeing 6-7 times during our walks instead of just 2-3 times. As soon as she see a dog in a distance she forgets everything called obedience. At the same time, at home, she is more clingy than ever. And the latest behaviour that we can add to the list of signs is that my other dogs have started to sniff Oonah under her tail.

So will the heat start soon or is Oonah just getting more dominant? Honestly I don’t know. I so hope that it is a sign of the heat being close now but the only one who knows for sure is Oonah and she kind of don’t want to tell me. She is just being very cozy and relaxed. Maybe that is what I too need to be in order for her to start with her heat.